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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

I mean there probably isn’t a person more infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome than Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono. The staunchly anti-Trump Democratic Senator has been one of the faces on the Hill who just cannot stand President Donald J. Trump. She’s hyper-partisan. At least she admits it—I’ll give her that much. But what she said in the closing days of this circus is what you’d expect from a Democrat who wants to remove a person from office simply because they didn’t like the results of an election. She went on MSNBC this week and said that she didn’t care about the legal defenses the Trump team has come up with, partially because they’re grounded in fact. The Democrats’ case, led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), is centered on pure fantasy. It’s the classic reaction from a liberal Democrat who lost in 2016, with Trump beating Hillary, and losing this impeachment fight. It’s a political double-tap to the head of this impeachment clown show, which is going to end with Trump still president. 


As of now, there will be no new witnesses. The Senate voted 51-49 to reject this unprecedented move. If Democrats, who had picked the past 17 witnesses for this circus, wanted more folks—then they could have made that case in the House. They didn’t. The discovery process was trash. It was partisan. It was grounded in hyperbole and utter nonsense. It all centers on Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian in July of 2019, where the president supposedly threatened to withhold aid unless there was a corruption probe opened into Hunter Biden. 

This was unearthed through a report from a so-called whistleblower, who had contacted the staff of Schiff prior to filing. Schiff knows this person and he planned to weaponize its contents before the complaint was formally filed. The so-called whistleblower is reportedly a CIA agent, a registered Democrat, and had worked with a 2020 candidate. Yeah, this doesn’t reek of coordination, or collusion, or the infamous anti-Trump deep state.


The end is almost here, though. And in the end, Trump will still be president, the economy will still be booming, Iran’s Soleimani will still be dead, and swing-state voters will still be sour over this whole circus. Oh, and Trump’s approval rating has ticked upward since the start of this political theater. Trump’s going to win re-election. Take that to the bank, Mazie. 

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