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Spin Cycle Activated: The Hill Thinks This Is Why No One On Jeopardy Recognized Adam Schiff

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Whether it means anything or not, it’s funny. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the starting quarterback for the Trump impeachment push, was an answer on jeopardy and no one knew who the hell he was (via The Hill):


On Wednesday night's episode of "Jeopardy!", House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was an answer, but no one buzzed in. 

Schiff was an answer in a category titled "U.S. Representatives." The prompt included a photo of Schiff and read: "One-fifty-third of California's House delegation is this House Intelligence Committee chairman."

No one buzzed in.

An article by Insider notes that "Jeopardy!" typically films its episodes approximately three months in advance. That places the timeline of Wednesday night's episode around October, when the House was still holding closed-door briefings and the impeachment inquiry was just gaining steam.

The Daily Caller’s Dave Hookstead clipped the question and answer.

Fox News’ Stephen Miller quipped, “no one watches CNN” to explain why the contestants were silent. Also, that was some nice spin there, Hill folks.

Did impeachment fail the “Jeopardy” test? Maybe. Frankly, who cares, but it does show once again that regular folks just don’t care about this nonsense. Swing state voters hate it, which could push the key states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan further out of reach for Democrats this year. The only people who seem to be following this are D.C. elitists and Trump deranged Democrats—two groups that cannot carry a national candidate over the finish line. 


And that’s a problem too regarding what the Hill says is a reason why no one knew Schiff. He did start this whole impeachment circus in the secret bunker. He did release transcripts from those closed-door testimonies that only bolstered the Democrats’ shoddy case and when this thing became official and he was forced to take it out of the basement, those who aren’t crybaby Democrats saw that this was another partisan witch hunt. Voters know Democrats are hopelessly anti-Trump. They oppose anything he does so there’s zero credibility with their so-called case against him. 

Democrats think Trump tried to shakedown the Ukrainian president, threatening to withhold aid this summer unless there was a corruption probe into Hunter Biden’s board position at Burisma, an energy company. Biden has since left the company. There was no quid pro quo. All the Democratic witnesses were career bureaucrats who disagreed with Trump on policy. That’s not impeachable. Oh, and Schiff knew about the contents of the whistleblower report that opened this can of worms prior to it be filed. The so-called whistleblower, a reported CIA agent who is a registered Democrat and someone who admits to helping a 2020 candidate, reached out to his staff prior to filing. Schiff knew what to weaponize beforehand. So, yeah—this whole show is really on the up-and-up. It’s a real exercise in the defense for the rule of law and institutional integrity. I’m kidding of course.  In the meantime, it makes for some mockery. Those who make it onto Jeopardy don’t even know whom you are—and please—Schiff has been at the forefront of the Russian collusion myth, never skipping an opportunity to be on CNN or MSNBC to peddle collusion nonsense. He’s been annoying us all for years, so yeah—another sign that impeachment is not popular. 


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