Holy Crap: San Francisco Spent $94 Million Trying to Keep Its Streets Clean

Posted: Dec 26, 2019 12:15 PM
Holy Crap: San Francisco Spent $94 Million Trying to Keep Its Streets Clean

Source: AP Photo/Eric Risberg

San Francisco is a liberal cesspool. And people are just pooping all over the place. They’re shameless. The city has a poop patrol. It reportedly has opened more public restrooms, but the city is still covered in feces and used needles. And people are still pooping everywhere. You saw that when a man strolled into a Safeway in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district and casually defecated in the aisle. So, we have the feces police and all of these public initiatives to keep the city clean. The city spent $94 million this year, roughly a little over a quarter of a million a day, to keep the streets clean. Residents are still waiting to see their money’s worth—and Safeway poop man trashed any narrative that progress was being made (via SF Chronicle):

Between street sweeping crews, staffed portable toilets and sidewalk steamers, San Francisco spent $94 million — or about $257,534 a day this year — trying to keep the city clean. And while progress has been made, the effort remains a losing battle.

The years of trench warfare between cleanup crews and bad actors was laid out clearly in two images Monday.

The first image was of Mayor London Breed flanked by city, civic and tourist industry leaders standing together in front of the giant Christmas tree at Union Square. The intent was to reassure tourists that the city is taking seriously concerns about its squalid streets and people behaving badly.


Here’s a pic of a man on drugs taking a poo in aisle 10 of the (Marina) Safeway, Sunday morning in #SF. Why is this okay?” tweeted Deborah Kan.

He “had plenty of time to find the toilet paper aisle, but not the actual bathroom,” Matt Estrada added in a second tweet.

The publication added that software titan Oracle, which had held its annual convention in San Francisco for nearly two decades, decided to host its event in Las Vegas because the city is absolute trash. It’s not just the serial poopers or drug users. It’s the hordes of homeless people that not only dot San Francisco but major urban areas along the west coast. You get what you pay for when you vote for Democrats to run things.