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AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

It wasn’t the best news for gun rights supporters yesterday, but we can see why this case should be argued before the Supreme Court. New York City’s now-repealed anti-gun law which prohibited licensed gun owners from transporting their firearms outside of the city limits is before the Court, a significant development since this is the first Second Amendment case, they’ve taken up in nearly a decade. Still, early reports suggest that there isn’t a majority that will hand down a favorable ruling for gun right supporters. For starters, the city repealed the law prior to oral arguments, a telling sign that lawyers for New York City knew the law would have been gashed by the Court. They got caught peddling a shoddy anti-gun law that did nothing to enhance public safety. That’s something they admitted during arguments. 


Stephen Gutowski, a firearms reporter for The Washington Free Beacon, combed through the transcripts where he also found city lawyers admitting that the Second Amendment applies outside one’s home as well. This is the core of the case. It’s the final front in this legal battle: do we have a constitutional right to carry firearms in public. Of course, I agree. Everyone who is a supporter of the Second Amendment and the Constitution agrees. The Supreme Court has yet to give a definitive answer to that question. 


This is blue state madness. It’s obvious that if you give Democrat free reign, they will pass laws, even constitutionally questionable laws, to satisfy their authoritarian tendencies. In fact, the notion that they passed a law that didn’t do anything for public safety but chipped away at law-abiding citizens’ rights just encapsulates what’s at the core of the anti-gun Left’s agenda. Granted, Gutowski also said that gauging how the Court will fall based on oral arguments isn’t accurate. We could be surprised come June when a final decision is handed down. 


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