This Is The Price The Left Has To Pay For Justin Trudeau’s Successful Re-election

Posted: Oct 22, 2019 6:10 AM

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have lost his majority in parliament, but he has enough seats to remain the nation’s leader. His campaign was rocked by a September surprise: old photos of him in blackface and brown face. Yeah, Mr. Trudeau decided to double-dip in the ‘this is problematic’ political correctness pool that liberals wallow in on a daily basis to the annoyance of the vast majority of us normal people (via NBC News):

Justin Trudeau has won a second term as prime minister of Canada, overcoming recent scandals that had tarnished his standing as a leader of progressive politics in an age of growing right-wing nationalism, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and other major Canadian networks projected Monday night.

Official results won't be announced until all votes are accounted for, but based on ballots already reported, the CBC, CTV News and Radio Canada projected that Trudeau's Liberal Party would win enough seats in the House of Commons to be able to form a minority government.

Trudeau, 47, scored a far more commanding victory in 2015, ending the Conservative Party's nine-year grip on power. In 84 years, a first-term prime minister with a parliamentary majority has never lost re-election.


Trudeau's campaign was roiled by scandal when images of him in brownface and blackface makeup as a young man resurfaced. He apologized, telling reporters in September that his behavior was "unacceptable." The prime minister's prospects took a hit, and the scandal undercut his image as a champion of racial diversity and ethnic inclusivity.

Trudeau's standing was also weakened earlier this year after his former attorney general claimed that he pressured her to stop prosecuting a top engineering company in Quebec. Trudeau insisted that he was protecting Canadian jobs, but the appearance of impropriety nonetheless dented his reputation.

President Barack Obama, perhaps perceiving that Trudeau was politically endangered, last week made an unprecedented endorsement by a former U.S. president, calling on Canadians to give Trudeau a second term and advocating for his brand of progressive politics. "I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term," Obama tweeted last Wednesday.

Hey, isn’t that foreign interference in an election? It’s such a joke. And for Obama, a black man, to defend this man’s racist antics because he’s a progressive exposed the greatest hypocrisy of all time on this issue. It’s one that you’ve known for quite some time. It’s nothing new. It’s only bad if Republicans do it, but circle the wagons when Democrats get a face full of buckshot engaging in racist escapades. Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam also admitted to doing blackface for a dance competition in the 1980s; he dressed up as Michael Jackson. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring also wore blackface in college. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is facing two allegations of rape. Yeah, we have a crackerjack group of clowns running Richmond in the Old Dominion.

This whole fiasco started when Northam’s yearbook photo from his medical school days showed someone in blackface and another in full Ku Klux Klan regalia. Northam apologized for the racist costume, but which one is him? My money is on the KKK one, but that’s just me. Northam personally submitted these photos for his page. Then, the train wreck followed. Northam backtracked the apology but admitted to the Michael Jackson blackface incident. So, he did blackface…just not in his yearbook photo. It still doesn’t negate the fact that he admitted and apologized for the initial photo. Also, "I did blackface, but not in this photo" isn’t what you’d call a solid defense. It made Richmond the brunt of many jokes—and rightfully so. This is Democratic governance.

This scandal should’ve derailed Northam, but it didn’t. He’s a Democrat. And unlike Canada, Virginia governors cannot run for re-election to consecutive terms. He dug in, and with Herring and Fairfax also facing allegations that are worthy of resignation—Northam couldn’t allow the house of cards to fall. With all three men gone, the GOP would retake the governor’s mansion. It’s about power. 

What Northam and Trudeau prove is that liberal/progressive voters don’t care about fighting racism. They only care about it if it eviscerates their conservative counterparts. Wearing blackface is problematic, right? It’s also apparently rewarded with liberals re-electing a man who should be tarred and feathered as a racist, according to the liberals’ rules on this; Trudeau and Northam should be destroyed. These men should be forever barred from ever serving in public office again. These are their rules

So, now that Northam moonwalked and Trudeau rode the Magic Carpet—he darkened his face for an Arabian Nights event in 2001—to re-election, the Left cannot lecture, be outraged over, or use blackface as an attack against their enemies. You people reward your kind for these antics. This discussion, which crossed international borders, is now done. The deal is this: Trudeau and Northam can remain in office, but I don’t want to hear another screed about racism and how it's supposedly promoted and advanced by the GOP, Trump, the NRA, or whomever the Left associated with conservatism. We already ignore the Left for half of their weak sauce lectures about what’s racist. Recently, SpongeBob Squarepants was blasted as a racist colonizer. Yes, cartoon asexual sea sponges are now racist agents. Get off the crack pipe. Stop huffing. Stop choking yourself with belts to get high. Liberals, stop doing whatever the hell you’re doing that makes you think of this nonsense and just go away. Your people just re-elected a blackface/brownface PM to another term whose defense over the whole fiasco was pretty much that he didn’t remember? Oh, he didn’t remember, so it never happened, right? Wrong. I think it’s a fair deal. Keep your guy in office, but then swallow this piping hot cup of shut the hell up over the subject of racism because you people have done more to advance racist antics by re-electing Trudeau and doing nothing concerning Northam since the KKK marched in D.C. 

Take a bow, you pathetic, self-righteous pieces of scum.