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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Project Veritas has CNN in its crosshairs. We’ve all known that the network is anti-Trump garbage. They couldn’t report on President Trump’s visit to Japan accurately; you all remember the koi fish feeding screw-up, right? They screwed up on the Wikileaks story. In that epic fail, some donor said he had keyword access to the trove of emails from then-Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee. It was sent to Trump, his son, and other top aides. The problem is that the documents were already made public. Checking the time stamp would’ve been elementary, right? And how about the time they got played by Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, over the Trump Tower meeting. In that circus, there were allegations that Trump knew about the meeting his son was having with some Russians. No evidence was provided but super-secret sources told CNN so it must be true, right. It wasn’t.  


So, should we be shocked that the network’s hosts and its management led by Jeff Zucker hate the president? The animus has caused them to make epic blunders. We all knew this. And now we have solid evidence, as a source, Cary Poarch, came forward to James O’Keefe providing videos of the networks anti-Trump bias. In one instance, top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was being interviewed by host Jake Tapper.

Media Coordinator Christian Sierra said that Zucker came into the control room, where he ordered that commercials were to be nixed and extend the interview. That was an order given to the executive producer of Tapper’s show. This seven-minute hit became a 25-minute exchange with the goal of nailing Conway on air. 


Sierra said that Zucker was telling Tapper through his earpiece to “keep going…don’t stop.”

“Kellyanne Conway is a prude face,” said Sierra. The point, and again—nothing earth-shattering here, is that when there’s an opportunity to screw over a Trump surrogate or adviser—don’t be shocked if Zucker sees it and then takes control in the hopes of capturing a train wreck. As Tim noted, if you saw commercials from last night’s debate, the network isn’t exactly hiding its hatred towards Trump. 

Just remember that this network that’s perpetually stuck in third place would be showing re-runs of game shows if it weren’t for airports. But it still nice to torch them. Poarch also said that overall, there is a general rule: if you're a full-blown Trump supporter, right, or even right of center, CNN is not the place for you. All of our suspicions are being confirmed, but also why would you go over to CNN if you were a conservative. We all know Fox News is much better.


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