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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

If there’s a reason why Republicans like Donald Trump, it’s because the man knows how to punch back. He’ll slap down liberal reporters to their faces. He’ll tweet. He’ll hold rallies. And all of this against insane odds. The Democrat-media complex is vast, well-financed, organized, and merciless. They control the cultural centers of the country. It’s an uphill battle, but Trump always finds a way to find a seam and get under the Left’s skin. 


Right now, Capitol Hill is engulfed with impeachment fever over a phone call Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He allegedly threatened to shake down the Ukrainian leader into investigating Hunter Biden and his lucrative board position at an energy company, despite having zero experience in this line of work. The allegation is that he was there selling access. Trump threatened to withhold aid unless there was a probe, but a transcript of the phone call totally debunked these ludicrous allegations of quid pro quo. A whistleblower, who is reportedly a CIA agent, made the complaint, but House Democrats moved forward with their impeachment push before this document was released to members of Congress. This whistleblower also didn’t listen in on the call, and most of the complaint is inaccurate and based on second-hand sources. It’s trash. 

Yet, while the media has also had a full-court press on Trump, he’s one to expect that; these people hate him. But they also have been asking Joe Biden about his son’s Ukraine ties, which did not go over well. And yes, even when this arrangement was being hashed out under the Obama administration, officials were worried about a conflict of interest issue. It’s something to look into for sure. And Biden’s statement that he pretty much didn’t know what was going on has been blown up. Trump had some fun with it, using Nickelback’s Photograph to torch the notion that Sleepy Joe didn’t know about Hunter’s dealings. There’s a…photo of Joe, Hunter, and two Ukrainian gas executives playing golf. I’m sure they were just discussing yoga and grandkids.



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