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The Three Issues The Democratic Debate Decided To Gloss Over To Prevent Embarrassing The 2020 Field

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

As members of the 2020 clown show debated last night, three questions remained off the docket. Granted, there was a lot of Trump-bashing, some intense moments where the candidates slung mud at one another, and the reiteration of trash left-wing policies. One thing is clear: there is not a single person on that stage last night who can beat Donald Trump. It’s not even close. For the three-hours this breakfast was on, we learned that Democrats want to increase taxes, have a terrible health care plan that will gut private health insurance, will confiscate guns, and they don’t like Trump’s trade policy with China, even though they do but can’t say it.


Yet, the Free Beacon's Matthew Continetti was stunned that there were no questions about the economy. Job creation was left off. And it’s no surprise why. The economy is booming and despite the liberal media harping on signs of a recession in the hopes that there will be one, the fundamentals are solid. Paychecks are bigger, over three million jobs have been created, consumer confidence is high, unemployment is still under four percent—there really isn’t much to bash other than they don’t like the man who made this all happen. You can’t attack Trump on the economy. 

Our own Katie Pavlich noted that there were also no questions about abortion. Probably because the entire field is full of extremists who think it should be permissible to kill babies up until the moment of birth. Late-term abortion has become the final frontier for the baby killer party, which now proudly and unabashedly supports this heinous act.


Also, and this was brought up by liberal reporter Michael Tracey, there was little emphasis on foreign policy.

“The lack of foreign policy emphasis in these debates reflects a misunderstanding of what the president actually does. Presidents have unilateral power to do basically whatever they want in the foreign policy domain. Congress conceded that power long ago. Yet, it's an afterthought,” he tweeted.

Again, given that we have a city mayor, a couple of one and two-term senators, an entrepreneur, and a former vice president who has been wrong on every major foreign policy crossroads in the past thirty years, the Democrat-media complex thought it was best to downplay this portion as well. They cannot make Democrats look bad. It’s true—they did a good job of doing that on their own last night.


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