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AP Photo/Martin Mejia

National Security Adviser John Bolton was fired by President Trump today. A lot of news is going on up on the Hill, but south of the border, in Venezuela, the people are still suffering under the oppressive yoke of Nicolas Maduro and his failed socialist policies. It’s terrible. It’s one of the worst, if not the worst, economic collapse in the past 50 years. Rolling blackouts and the lack of access to toilet paper, medicine, and food are common. People cannot afford meat, and spoiled meat is often served due to the power outages impacting refrigeration. Zoo animals are being taken by burglars for their meat. Inflation has made Venezuela's currency worthless. That’s on top of the rising crime rates. Hospitals don’t have basic items like gloves and soap, with reports that conditions are akin to that not seen since the 19th-century. The only thing that’s equal about this fiasco is that everyone is suffering. The poor, the rich, and the middle class are starving under 21st-century socialism. The educated are now resorting to prostitution for groceries, even children are partaking in this endeavor so their families can eat.


And now, we have the World of Warcraft connection that highlights the level of destitution. The currency on this platform is seven times more valuable than Venezuela’s actual currency (via CNN):

The virtual gold in "World of Warcraft," the online role-playing game, is now almost seven times more valuable than real cash from Venezuela, whose economy is in shambles.

As the South American country suffers an economic crisis due to extreme inflation, the value of bolivar has cratered.

One US dollar today is worth 68,915 bolivares, according to official rates, but it goes for 690,854 on the black market exchange rate the locals use. The black market rate is considered more trustworthy than the official rate, because the Venezuelan government has lost credibility among many of its people.

By contrast, an official token, or in-game credit, in "WoW" is worth $20. Tokens also are sold to other players for gold, and their value changes through worldwide auctions. According to a WoW token price tracker, a token is currently worth 201,707 pieces of virtual gold.

Which means a single dollar trades to 10,085 gold pieces in WoW. This makes the fake money used in Azeroth, the mythical world of the game, about 6.8 times more valuable than the Venezuelan bolivar.

Yeah, CNN took a break from bashing Trump and wrote about something that makes leftists look terrible. It’s a good piece and a humiliating one if you’re a follower of socialism. Fictional characters are “living” better than those in a left-wing hellhole.


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