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The Overlords Of Everything: Some Of The Most Insane Global Warming Proposals Spewed On CNN Last Night

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

CNN’s seven-hour global warming town hall with the 2020 Democratic candidates was insanity. From population control to declaring war on hamburgers, the Democratic Party is now no longer hiding their far-left extremism when it comes to so-called climate change. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg says that tackling this issue is a greater challenge than World War II. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) even threatened to suspend the filibuster to enact the Green New Deal, a policy initiative pushed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) that seeks to transition the U.S. away from all fossil fuels in a decade, retrofit all buildings to energy-efficient standards, and pretty much bans the internal combustion engine. Yeah, it’s another way of saying huge government.


Andrew Yang suggested a car buy-back program and wants to ban all commercial air travel. 

Emperor Harris is also going after red meat, so Fourth of July and Labor Day are now canceled. But more disturbingly, these policies are aimed at attacking the daily lives of Americans. Former Vice President Joe Biden virtually repeated Hillary Clinton’s war cry of wanting to put coal workers out of a job. How did that turn out for her in 2016? This is a backdoor maneuver for the Left’s larger socialist agenda. We all know this. It’s intrusive. This is big government shacking up inside the American home in perpetuity. This agenda dictates what you can eat, what you can drink, what mode of transportation you can use, and, like most far-left agendas, has an authoritarian ethos. If you divert off the path, you’re part of the problem. And this project will cost trillions on top of the $30+ trillion for the Medicare for All initiative that will destroy private health insurance. As the RNC noted, it’s ‘ban all the things.’ You don’t know how to care for yourselves, or worse, you just don’t know how says the government. We will show you how to live the right way...under penalty of jail. That’s what Democrats want to enact when fighting so-called global warming. They want to maximize government control over all spheres of socio-political life. 


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