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ICYMI: Bill Maher's Stern Warning To 2020 Democrats

Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Yes, he bashes Republicans. Yes, he’s the part of the Hollywood Left, but he’s not one to kowtow to the authoritarian ethos of political correctness, he knows the Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment movement is absurd, and Maher is not afraid to call out radical Islam. He also knows that if the Democrats are too insane, they’ll torch their 2020 hopes. I mean the silver lining—for lack of a better term—is that Maher sees far-left extremism as a cancer to the Democratic Party when it comes to winning elections. Yet, like with a lot Maher says, he may make a great point, only to bury it with something stupid, like the ‘I hope the economy tanks because Trump needs to lose.’ It’s gross. Maher is a rich guy. He’ll be fine if the economy hits a recession. Millions will suffer. Even when the right did this at times under Obama, I found it disgusting.


Even more disgusting, however, is the 2020 Democratic agenda and there is not a single position that’s popular with the American people. Even health care, an issue where Democrats hold the cards, is being chipped away, not because the GOP has a better plan—they don’t—but because these lefty clowns are pushing Medicare for All, which will lead to a massive tax increase for the middle class along with the destruction of private health insurance. The debate is not whether this idea is too expensive. It’s whether to gut some 100+ million health care plans now or later. Decriminalizing border crossings is another proposal, along with health care for illegal aliens, taxpayer-funded abortions up until the moment of birth, gun confiscation, massive tax increases, and a concerted effort to gaslight the country by suggesting the economy is a disaster, while also saying the current economic boom is all due to Obama. It cannot be both. First, the latter part isn’t true. In the end, while Maher might like some of the 2020 crop’s ideas, he knows a winning message. So, do you. So, does anyone who follows current events. A strong economy, low taxes, and job creation will always beat more government regulation any day of the week. That’s the warning flare Maher shot earlier this month (via RCP):


[Warning: some strong language]:

"The majority of Americans aren't tired of winning," he said. "They're tired of looking at his fat f*cking face."

"Now, do I want Biden to be president? Not really. But Biden is the only Democrat who beats Trump in Ohio," he said. "He’s like non-dairy creamer. Nobody loves it, but in a jam it gets the job done. I can’t figure people out, but they just like Joe. Maybe it’s the familiarity. He’s like a McDonald’s when you’re in Europe."

"Fatigue is the best thing we've got going for us. The majority of Americans aren't tired of winning, they're tired of looking at his fat f---ing face!" Maher explained. "It's hard to beat an incumbent in a good economy. Every incumbent since FDR has won if they avoided a recession leading up to an election year and consumer confidence is sky-high. ... The voters that Democrats need to win, moderates who have Trump fatigue, will vote against a good economy, I think, just to get back to normalcy, but they won't trade it away for left-wing extremism."

The video then goes off the rails, but the good news is that the Left will probably drown out the rational parts of his special comment and focus on the anti-Trump parts, which isn’t a blueprint for how to beat the president. It’s only a stand-up routine from a comedian. And no, moderate voters with Trump fatigue won’t torch economic prosperity that impacts their families to return to normalcy—whatever that means. That’s liberal bubble nonsense. It’s the type of self-assurance that the Left embodied that led them to lose the Rust Belt. Polls aren’t a good gauge for this presidency. It’s too fraught with nuance. Some voters may not like Trump personally but agree with him on policy. I think Trump’s popularity is higher—and the people who blew the 2016 election so epically are now right because they got the 2018 midterms pretty much, right? Slow your roll. Trump may not be the ideal Republican candidate, but he’s pushed an agenda that conservative Republicans have pushed for decades. Democrats have decided to swing further to the left into psycho-ville—and they’re not coming back from this. Among many things, Democrats are now a party gets off on making it easier to kill babies. They bash the police. They want to tax us the death—all because they feel it’s right.  The GOP is pushing policies that have sent unemployment numbers across the board to their lowest levels, boosted paychecks, created over three million jobs, and sent consumer and small business confidence numbers to their highest marks in years. As of now, it’s not a hard decision for voters. 


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