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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Show no mercy for you shall receive none and never, ever think that Democrats are your friends; they’re not. They’re the folks who will shank you at the earliest opportunity. The inherent rot of their character, the condescension, and aura of moral superiority they carry, despite being complete and total idiots, is absolutely nauseating. They hate America. They hate us. There is nothing that we share in common. Maybe a tax form every April, but that’s about it. 


We do indeed have aliens in America. And these aliens, these disgusting progressive creatures, are not done with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They tried to destroy him, using uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct to derail his nomination; some of the allegations were straight lies. Belief is not evidence. And Democrats overestimated Republican resolve. 

We won. You lost. We get to decide who goes on the court. Period. Get the hell out of our way. Elections have consequences. And the fact that you tried to weaponize sexual assault with zero evidence only helped the GOP stay together, albeit for crybaby Jeff Flake who prolonged Kavanaugh’s dragging through the mud so that the FBI could look into these matters, which was a total waste of time.

The latest mobilization against now-Justice Kavanaugh doesn’t relate to fantasyland, however, it’s his emails from the Bush White House…because Democrats just can’t let it go (via Washington Examiner):

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday demanded access to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s records from his employment in the George W. Bush White House, citing the panel’s role in “judicial disqualification and misconduct.”

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler sent a letter to the National Archives asking the records department “to complete its review and release records,” to the panel related to Kavanaugh’s 2001-2006 White House service.


According to Nadler, the Archives has completed processing records related to Kavanaugh’s time in the White House counsel’s office and he is seeking all of his emails and office files from that time.

Nadler also asked the Archives to work with panel Democrats to speed up the production of the documents from Kavanaugh’s staff secretary tenure, which is not scheduled for release until 2021.

The House plays no role in confirming judicial nominees.


These clowns think they’ll find something on abortion. In all, it’s another campaign of personal destruction. The Left is being mustered to launch another harassment campaign. It’s sore loser antics in the extreme (via WSJ):

Nadler and Johnson huff and puff about their committee’s jurisdiction, which covers “the laws governing judicial ethics,” as well as “judicial disqualification” and “misconduct.” They say their committee is “considering legislative proposals to create a code of conduct for Supreme Court Justices.”

The Captain Ahabs don’t even bother trying to explain why this requires them to riffle through Justice Kavanaugh’s inbox from 2003—including emails he never replied to, possibly never read, but merely received via carbon copy. His job as staff secretary was to manage the White House paper flow. How does this relate to judicial ethics?

The left failed to defeat Justice Kavanaugh last year using uncorroborated smears about his high school years, but it can’t let go. In an April letter, progressive groups urged Mr. Nadler to investigate Justice Kavanaugh. Suggested lines of inquiry: “whether there are cases on which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned and from which he must be recused; whether he lied about his financial debt and how it was repaid; and whether he is ultimately fit to be a justice on the Supreme Court.” Classy.

The Democrats hope to find something—anything—they can use as a pretext to discredit or impeach Justice Kavanaugh. Is there anyone associated with the Trump Administration that Mr. Nadler doesn’t want to impeach?


What a bunch of sad, pathetic little soy boys. How unhinged is the Left over Justice Kavanaugh? Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberals’ “it” girl on the Court, said that Kavanaugh is a “decent” man and praised him for helping the Court achieve a historical moment: for the first time ever there will be more women than men clerking for SCOTUS. Yeah, this Kavanaugh guy sure is trouble; my eyes cannot roll any harder. But alas, we may need to start stacking sandbags, fixing bayonets, and passing out the ammunition—metaphorically speaking. We need to destroy these attempts by the Left at all costs—brutally if need be.

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