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AP Photo/Steve Helber

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera remembered the left-wing clown who protested President Trump’s speech in Jamestown last month. The president had been invited to commemorate its 400th anniversary. Yes, some local Democrats were infuriated and boycotted the event. What else is new? But Virginia Delegate Ibraheem Samirah protested the president's address, holding up signs like “deport hate.”  He was quickly shown the exit by security, but the “deport hate” sign is quite ironic since it appears this state lawmaker hates Jewish people and Israel. Oh, and his father was a fundraiser for terrorists. Also, the fact that Virginia Democrats think they can make some moral argument about this when Virginia's governor and state attorney general have admitted to wearing blackface is just adorable.

Sorry, how did Geraldo know this guy? Oh, well Samirah dumped water on him during the 2016 election (via Washington Free Beacon):

The Virginia lawmaker who interrupted President Trump's speech in Jamestown has been identified as the individual who dumped water on Geraldo Rivera at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

A reporter for the Daily Beast filmed Rivera interviewing a group of protestors outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. As Rivera speaks with one of the protestors, a man in hat with the Palestinian flag approaches him from behind and dumps water over his head, dousing the news anchor.


"I swear it wasn't on purpose, Geraldo!" Samirah posted on his personal Facebook page linking to a story about the interaction.

"FOX News' Geraldo Rivera wanted to dance with the stars, so I gave him a little taste of it," he said in a another post featuring the raw video.


Responding to the news that Samirah had been identified as the perpetrator, Rivera called Samirah "an intolerant, back-stabbing punk," in an email to Washington Free Beacon.

"[Y]ou can add ‘chicken s—t Mother f—ker,'" Rivera said.

I mean that’s assault, and Rivera’s words are appropriate. We talk about Trump’s supposed (and oftentimes ridiculous) ties to racism and hate, but don’t you dare bring up Democrats who enable and tolerate those who wish to destroy Israel, peddle anti-Semitic tropes, and keep their mouths shut when extreme leftists commit a mass shooting like in Dayton, Ohio or attack an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington. Yeah, we’re done with this game.

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