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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Democrats expected fireworks when ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress on his report about Russian collusion during the 2016 election. They wanted to engulf the Trump White House in pandemonium. Instead, they got ‘Uncle Junior.’ He was aloof, appeared confused, and did not play along with Democrats who were trying to fan the flames of impeachment again. It was political theater—and a shoddy one at that. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, overreached. It was obvious. The words “total disaster” were apt to describe the hearings for Democrats. Even liberal activist Michael Moore said the Democrats more or less blew it. In reality, this was the last drive of the game, except there are no clutch moments, like a helmet catch by David Tyree or perfect pass to Mario Manningham that sets up a game-winning touchdown. This was more like Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble. To make matters worse, it was a two-a-day. Both the House and Intelligence Committee hearings asked the man who the Left thought would take down Trump questions. He refused to answer close to 200, mostly related to the Trump dossier, Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS, which is the reason why this whole Russian collusion myth came about in the first place. The far left will continue to press this, even though this narrative is effectively dead. 


The Washington Post’s Dan Balz wrote that these hearings “shattered” the illusion that Trump could be booted before Election Day 2020. It’s now up to the Democrats to beat the president on the campaign trail (via WaPo):

Many Democrats long have considered Robert S. Mueller III a potential savior, as the agent of President Trump’s eventual undoing. Wednesday’s hearings on Capitol Hill probably shattered those illusions once and for all. If Democrats hope to end the Trump presidency, they will have to do so by defeating him at the ballot box in November 2020.

In reality, that has been the case for months. Still, scheduled testimony by the former special counsel before two House committees offered the possibility that he would say something that would suddenly change public perceptions and dramatically jump-start long-stalled prospects for an impeachment inquiry. That was certainly the Democrats’ goal. If anything, things could move in the opposite direction.

Regardless of the evidence of obstruction contained in Mueller’s report, impeachment is a fraught strategy for the Democrats, given public opinion and the dynamics in the Senate. After Wednesday, the prospects for impeachment appear more remote, which means it will be left to the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, with the help of the party, to develop a comprehensive case against the president, one that can win 270 electoral votes. To date, that hasn’t happened.

House Democrats have fumbled in their efforts to hold Trump and his administration accountable, despite promises to do so. Presidential candidates are more focused on one another and playing to their internal constituencies than on organizing the brief against the president to take into the general-election campaign. That remains a major challenge as the contest moves forward.

Next week’s Democratic debate in Detroit will offer the candidates a fresh opportunity to begin to frame the election — the case for their party and the case against Trump — as well as to state or restate their views about impeaching the president. With Mueller’s testimony over, the onus will be on them to show the leadership what rank-and-file Democrats are looking for.


The Mueller report will be a part of the election but hardly the only part. It could be as much a motivator for Trump’s base as for Democrats. What Democrats were told Wednesday, again, is that Trump is a president willing to use whatever means necessary to blunt his opposition, as he demonstrated in an aggressively hostile exchange with reporters after the hearings ended. Mueller did not deliver what Democrats had hoped he would. If they hope to win in 2020, it’s now on them to convince the voters.


And that’s a far left wing agenda that’s viewed as trash by most in the electorate. The Democrats are for taxpayer-funded abortion permissible virtually up to the moment of birth, gun confiscation, impeachment, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, health care for illegals, bashing police, a 70 percent tax rate, and enacting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Scam. Oh, and let’s not forget their grand plan to destroy private health insurance with Medicare for All. They’re an open borders party. That is a sure way to lose Independents. Sorry, this is why Democrats were so gung-ho about impeachment. They know this was the only way to beat him per se. If the economy is booming and the Democrats continue to spew straight lefty nonsense in these debates, Trump will win. There is not a single Democrat who could beat Trump right now. Not one. And these clowns are going to try and beat him on their ideas. This is going to be a very entertaining election to say the least. 

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