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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Millions use his product every day. Mike Lindell, the creator of My Pillow, is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. He also could be leaving his pillow empire behind, as rumors are circling that he’s considering running for political office. He posted a cryptic tweet that around 7:30 A.M. he will be making an announcement concerning whether he will be entering the political arena in Minnesota. If he does toss his hat in the ring, many are speculating that he could be itching to take on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the members of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Leninist Girl Scout Troop who is rapidly taking over the Democratic Party. These gals are left-wing. They’re radical. They hate America. And they’ve peddled bigoted views, especially toward those who are of the Jewish faith. And if they didn’t peddle anti-Semitic tropes, they sure defended their fellow sisters who did. 


Lindell’s story is indelibly American, a comeback story. He was a raging crack cocaine addict who turned his life around by finding a way to make people sleep better. He’s a millionaire many times over (via CNBC):

The self-made multimillionaire and infomercial superstar created the MyPillow empire from scratch in 2004. He did it while addicted to drugs. “People say all the time that’s one of the biggest miracles ever.”

He’s been clean and sober for over eight years, but his path from rags to riches — and almost back to rags — is an amazing American success story.


MyPillow is located in Lindell’s hometown of Chaska, Minnesota, outside Minneapolis, a place he’s always stayed close to. Back in 1979, “I went to the U of M (University of Minnesota) for one quarter, and I was working two jobs,” he said. “I felt like I was just wasting my time.”

He quit school and continued working both jobs, including one at a grocery store. “I actually got fired at the grocery store,” Lindell said.

He clashed with the manager, but he believes the manager sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. “He says, ‘Well, Mike, if you don’t like it here, maybe get your own company someday.’”

Lindell did, but only after several failures.


A businessman occupies the White House and has set this nation on a course for explosive growth. Why not Lindell? Omar’s story could’ve been inspiring, a Somali refugee who resettled in Virginia, got educated here, and then became a U.S. congresswoman. The problem is that she’s anti-Israel. She peddles anti-Semitic talking points, and hates America. I hope Lindell runs. Let’s see if he chooses to take on the mantle to…smother Omar’s political career.


We're waiting:

Update: Dammit.

“The answer is not at this time,” Lindell said. “If the Lord wanted me to run I would run ... yesterday I was bombarded in the news, they’re going ‘We heard you’re with run we heard you’re running.’ I would love to do it. But I’ve got such a big platform going on right now and I want to help the president help — help turn Minnesota completely red, and get the right people in office to be one of the amazing states in the country.”


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