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So, was it a crisis or not? Or is it a crisis now that the detention facilities are now filled to the brim and it could be weaponized to make the Trump White House look bad? It’s probably the latter if you’re a Democrat or a member of the liberal media. These clowns for weeks earlier this year said this wasn’t an issue, and that Trump was just making stuff up. Now, it’s ‘his policies are making these people drink from toilets in these concentration camps.’ It’s beyond transparent. We have the tape. We have articles. History didn’t begin last month. We all have your number, liberal America. So, please, spare us your lectures and don’t even dare try and pin the dead father and migrant daughter picture on Trump. You people sat on your hands while the president said we’re dealing with a crisis, which was backed up by the Department of Homeland Security who said they were running out of money to handle the horde of migrants swarming the border. For months, border apprehensions have reached 100,000 or more. It’s a problem. Oh, and now we have terrorism concerns because Nicaraguan police picked up ISIS operatives. I doubt they were there using their Marriott Rewards points for a little rest and relaxation on the beach. 


The Federalist compiled a solid list of times when the elite media said that there was no crisis, it was a figment of conservative America’s imagination, and that those who believe there is such a crisis are morons. Here are some of them:

On Jan. 8th, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked, “Why in the world would the networks run Donald Trump’s address tonight when we know that Donald Trump is going to be using it to spread these lies?”

“He is going to be telling nothing but lies and falsehoods, and he’s going to be twisting reality,” he said. “And at this point I’ve got to say, how stupid are Americans who still believe there’s a crisis on the southern border?”


“Now, it’s not our job to advocate for or against a given policy,” Cooper said on Jan. 8. “It’s our job to call out the dishonest pursuit of it. So, as we wait for the president to speak about what he calls the crisis on the border, we’re starting with the crisis of credibility he’s created for himself.”

“The number of people able to apply for asylum each day at a legal point of entry, that’s been slowed intentionally to a trickle. One intelligence official has had enough of what he or she says as all the misrepresentation telling CNN, quote, no one is saying this is a crisis except them,” he said.

Ironically, CNN titled this segment, “#KeepingThemHonest”


In a Nov. 12, 2018 op-ed, The New York Times editorial board criticized Trump for his concern with securing the border.

“Mr. Trump’s claim is that what’s happening hundreds of miles south of the United States-Mexico border ‘has precipitated a crisis’ requiring extreme measures,” they wrote. “He creates nonexistent threats, generates manufactured fears.”


And now the reality is you’re all wrong. God—does it suck to be this wrong and this stupid all the time. Everyone who thought this deserves to be waterboarded but also forced to choke down all the trash they’ve peddled trying to debunk the White House on the border. They can’t. You can’t polish a turd. So, that’s why Democrats are going on the Nazi concentration camp pivot, highlight the overcrowding at the facilities, and blame Trump for it, even though it’s quite clear that the Left and their chronic problem of perpetually have their heads in places where the sun don’t shine (there’s another word for this place…y’all know it), couldn’t dole out some cash to address this issue. I mean they have now, thanks to the U.S. Senate under Mitch McConnell.

The Trump White House wanted funds to deal with the border apprehension. The Democrats said no. Now, they see a political opportunity. It won’t work because we have weeks and weeks of segments, articles, and television appearances, where these insufferable idiots said there was no border crisis. This is a losing issue for Democrats, who are now for open borders. It may seem odd for this slice of the electorate that just hates America, but coming here illegally shouldn’t be tolerated and neither should criminal aliens. It’s not hard, but Democrats see all of these illegals as the ticket to increasing their power in D.C. Counting these people via the census increases the congressional delegations, then comes amnesty, then comes legalization, then comes citizenship, and finally voter registration. The end result is perpetual Democratic Party power, laws be damned. And to American families who have had loved ones murdered by illegal aliens, the Left is telling them they can go to hell too. More political power is worth more than American lives. That’s the Democrats in 2020.  


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