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Is This Why MSNBC Decided Not To Show Trump’s Independence Day Event Live?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Well, it shouldn’t shock us that MSNBC decided to nix the idea of broadcasting the Fourth of July event live. I mean their viewers would have anything from strokes to epileptic seizures if that happened. The network, which is unabashedly liberal, could have induced any neurological event from liberal audiences if they had carried President Trump’s Independence Day event. The sale of Depends from liberal America already went through the roof this week because Trump decided to wheel in tanks for the occasion. That meltdown was the stuff of legend, by the way, with talks of this being a prelude to a coup. Well, it’s July 5th and we’re all still here, free and alive (via Politico):


President Donald Trump’s takeover of the Fourth of July celebration at the National Mall won’t completely take over the cable airwaves.

MSNBC, for one, doesn’t plan to carry his “Salute to America” live, though the network will assess in real time whether to air clips of the event, a spokesperson told POLITICO.


The president’s appearance and portions of the parade will air on ABC’s streaming channel, ABC News Live, while the network will also provide a television feed of the event that may be used by local stations. CBS’ streaming channel, CBSN, will carry the event live, as will NBC's site,, and streaming platform NBC News NOW.

Maybe this crew learned its lesson about giving the president too much media exposure. In 2016, the news industry gave Trump some $2 billion in free media; he’s now president. But I think the good ole’ fashioned explanation that MSNBC is a liberal anti-Trump network that caters to the most partisan of partisans on the progressive Left is reason enough. 


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