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AP Photo/Aaron Favila

Well, shocker, Democrats are wrong about the border crisis again. It may come as a surprise to these left-wingers, but when there are hordes of people trying to enter the U.S. through our southern border, many of whom are succeeding, terror groups will take notice and draft plans to get their operatives in by similar means. And yes, it appears the Islamic State has arrived in Central America—and I don’t think it’s for some rest and relaxation on the beaches. Luckily, Nicaraguan  Security forces captured them (via Reuters):


Four men with suspected ties to the Islamic State militant group were captured on Tuesday by members of the Nicaraguan armed forces after entering the country illegally from Costa Rica, Nicaraguan police said.

The identities of three of the men matched those of suspects featured in an alert attributed to U.S. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) warning that three possible terrorists had recently arrived in Central America.

In a statement, Nicaraguan police said two of the men were Egyptian nationals and the other two were Iraqi. The four were due to be deported back to Costa Rica, it added.

The Egyptians were named as Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, and Mahmoud Samy Eissa, 26, while the Iraqis were Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41 and Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob, 29.


Yeah, these sorts of things have been reported before. Heck, it might have already happened, but more importantly, it’s another time the Left eats crap on the border. Leaving out the terror concerns, they said this wasn’t an issue. It was a manufactured crisis. It was grounded in racism or something. It’s imaginary. We have your number, liberal media. And you’ll be dealt with in time for your idiocy over this issue that helped bolster Democratic intransigence over simple funding towards detention centers, which have now been filled to the brim.  If CNN, MSNBC, and whatever left-wing loon network provide the cover, there’s no need for them to move on the border crisis, not that working with the Trump White House was motivation either, but we all know this was an issue. The Department of Homeland Security warned they were running out of money and still you did nothing. Now, it’s all about the children and peddling lies about how detained illegals are being told to drink from toilets. Now, it’s a crisis because the suffering of these detainees, which you prolonged by sitting on DHS funding, can be used as ammunition against Trump. It won’t work. For months, apprehensions at the bordered soared into six-figure territory. For months, you peddled lies about cages; Obama had them too and he used former Japanese internment camps to house illegals. And now, the terror threat that the Trump administration warned about is coming to light. The Left deserved to be slapped around for this. They caused it. as punishment, they actually deserve to be tied down and forced to drink from the toilet. They’ve been peddling crap for months.  


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