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Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Bill Maher is right on some things and wrong on others. He’s a liberal for sure, a proud one. He hosts HBO’s Real Time every Friday night that mostly mocks Republicans and serves red meat to the progressive masses. Yet, there are times where I do 100 percent agree with him. On free speech, radical Islam, and bashing political correctness as a cancer, Maher is 100 percent correct, which puts him at odds with most of his liberal friends. On last Friday’s episode, Maher shot a warning flare for the progressive Left warning them that running an election on concentration camps and slave reparations weren’t probably the best platforms, and one that could make if very hard for the Democrats to win. The part about concentration camps, however, was not well taken by guest Dan Savage.  (via Real Clear Politics):


[Partial transcript]

"If you want to run a campaign based on reparations and concentration camps then it's going to be very hard to win the election. I'm not saying you can't do it but it would be very hard to argue that this is helping," Maher said on Friday's show.


MAHER: There was a headline in the 'L.A. Times' about a week ago that said let's call the detention centers what they are, concentration camps. Then AOC came out and said that is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps and even invoked the term 'Never Again.' 

Now, they're horrible places, I think we all agree it's just beyond the pale that America would do this to people, and concentration camps, maybe they fit that definition technically. But there are certain words that we just associate with something truly at the ultimate end of horrendous. Holocaust just means a big fire, but we don't use the word, hey, let’s go have a holocaust, I'll bring the wieners. No one says that...

SAVAGE: Andrea Pitzer, who wrote the history of concentration camps, 'One Long Night,' a mass detention people, often political prisoners or persecuted minority groups without trials.

MAHER: No, actually, they do get a trial it just is delayed, we wish it would [not] take longer, but they are there to get a trial and they do often get a trial. Come on. When we think of concentration camps, I don't know what you think, I think of mass graves. I think of experimenting on human people.

SAVAGE: The concentration camps came first. It was a step on the road to the death camps. And we need to use the language to describe actually what's happening right now.

MAHER: You really think we're on the road to death camps?

SAVAGE: We're on the road to fascism.

MAHER: Wow and people call me an alarmist....


Maher may say outlandish things about the Right. He’s also said something that has landed him in hot water with the left, like uttering the N-word during an interview with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE). That was awkward. It was not all funny. And Maher apologized. Even if you’re a comedian, words matter. That latter part is something that’s missing from the Left with their recent dabbling in comparing our detention centers for migrants to Nazi concentration camps. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) teed this one off in an Instagram video, where she said there were full-blown concentration camps at our southern border. She had not backed down, saying that she was merely referring to what experts call these centers, a place for the mass detention of individuals without trial. Her experts are either imaginary or on crack cocaine. She even referenced “never again.” We all know what you were referring to, lady. Not even the most liberal Democrat who is Jewish is that dense

Concentration camps have been erected throughout history for countless wars. We all know what period of history you’re referring to when you use that term and “never again.” The Left’s Nazi fetish and so desperately wanting to call Trump and the GOP Nazis because they’re abjectly insane has led to leap to AOC’s defense, spewing this trash defense that concentration and death camps were different. It was a distinction without a difference in Nazi Germany. Every historian knows that. Every Holocaust Memorial group knows that. Heck, anyone who has read anything about the Nazis Holocaust would know that the two terms were rather interchangeable to one of the evilest governments that ever took power.


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