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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Fix bayonets! That should be the mantra for the GOP as we head into the 2020 election cycle. Show no mercy for we shall receive none by the Democrats. President Trump surely took that to heart because he just took House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the woodshed in a recent interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. The president said he has tried to get along with the House Speaker but to no avail. He pretty much called her an untalented, nasty, and vindictive disgrace of a woman. She’s ineffectual and incapable of getting deals done. He also was not pleased with what she said about wanting to see him in jail instead of impeached. 


On the deal-making, Trump’s right. Nancy isn’t good. Right now, we need serious funds to handle the border crisis, but they’re not playing ball.  The 2018 Democratic playbook was run on impeachment or at the very least vow never to work with or compromise with the Trump White House on policy. Well, we’re seeing that play out on immigration and the looming impeachment fight. The latter being a conflict based on Trump’s crime of…beating Hillary Clinton. It’s pathetic. Trump did not hold back in slamming the House Speaker (via Fox News):

Speaking exclusively to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham in Normandy, France, in an interview that aired Thursday, the president first took time to pay tribute to the heroes who fought on D-Day 75 years ago, describing them as “incredibly brave people” who displayed incredible “valor.”

Then, the president switched gears, slamming Pelosi, D-Calif., as a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person” -- after saying he had “tried to be nice to her.”

“I think she’s a disgrace. I actually don’t think she’s a talented person, I’ve tried to be nice to her because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done,” Trump said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“She’s incapable of doing deals, she’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person, the Mueller report came out, it was a disaster for them.”


Ingraham then asked Trump if he cared whether or not Mueller would testify publicly about his report. The president used the question as another chance to unload on Pelosi.

“Let me tell you, he made such a fool out of himself the last time she -- because what people don’t report is the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong but Nancy Pelosi, I call her nervous Nancy, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t talk about it,” Trump told Fox News.

“Nancy Pelosi’s a disaster, OK, she’s a disaster and let her do what she wants, you know what? I think they’re in big trouble because when you look at the kind of crimes that were committed, and I don’t need any more evidence, and I guess from what I’m hearing there’s a lot of evidence coming in.


Pelosi is facing what appears to be an impeachment revolt. Deep down she knows what a gift an impeachment war with Trump would be for him and his base, especially if the case against him is shoddy, which it will be. Based on how she handled Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) anti-Semitism fiasco, she'll cave. She's been unable to corral the crazies on the Hill. they want Trump impeached.  Still, it’s refreshing to see classic Trump, a man who can take the hatred hurled at him, but also strike back just as effectively. After two years of being on defense with the Trump-Russia collusion myth, which was debunked by the Mueller report, it’s time to go on the offensive. 


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