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AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

So, remember when all those emails showing how top-level DNC staffers trashed Sen. Bernie Sanders? That was during the 2016 election and days before their national convention. It was the epitome of awkward. Hillary Clinton had sewn up the nomination. It was now a time for both sides to unite and hopefully beat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Instead, all this did was prove to the Sanders crew that their allegations about the DNC rigging the game were true. It was a mess. After the DNC’s dirty laundry was aired, Sanders bit his lip and got behind Clinton, albeit not with a lot of energy but can you blame him? Flash-forward to 2020; Bernie Sanders is running again and he’s been made to sign a loyalty pledge. He’s running as a Democrat. He’s abiding by all the rules, and the DNC decides to screw him over again by appointing an anti-Sanders Democrat to helm the committee’s fundraising efforts. Oh, and this person recently gave over $2,000 to Kamala Harris before being tapped for this position (via HuffPo):


The Democratic National Committee’s new finance chair, Chris Korge, affirmed his commitment to neutrality in the presidential primary in response to scrutiny of past comments criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and a donation to the campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

At issue are comments Korge has made about Sanders prior to accepting the job at the DNC. He retweeted a message in December calling Sanders “dangerous to the future of the Democratic Party.”

“I have worked tirelessly to help the Democratic Party, and have been proud to support a wide array of Democratic candidates,” Korge said in a statement. “I’m fully committed to the DNC’s neutrality policy and I look forward to raising the funds necessary to help whoever our Democratic nominee is.”

DNC Chairman Tom Perez tapped Korge, a South Florida attorney, former Miami-Dade County lobbyist and longtime Democratic donor, to serve in the top fundraising post after Henry Muñoz stepped down earlier this month. The DNC’s voting membership will have the chance to vote on confirming Korge at the party’s August meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


During the 2016 primary, Korge was a major donor and bundler for Hillary Clinton, and he repeatedly blasted Sanders on social media.

For example, in March 2016, Korge tweeted, “The only Bern the middle class will feel from Bernie is the pain from all the tax increases.”

Korge also contributed $2,700 to Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign in late January.


Yeah, of course, Korge is saying he will be neutral. He has to be, besides this line being the default defensive position. Still, the wounds of 2016 have yet to be healed—and this didn’t do the Democratic establishment any favors in accelerating the remedial process. At the same time, if this boils over again, get some popcorn ready. 

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