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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

We’re back for episode 76 of the Triggered podcast, where Dr. Sebastian Gorka, host of Salem National Radio’s "America First" and former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, decided to drop by to discuss the utter insanity that erupted at yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr. It was unhinged.


Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) decided to lower everyone’s intelligence when she spoke, as she often does. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) did her 2020 grandstanding. And oh yeah, there’s this utter lie that Barr lied to Congress or something. Whatever the case, the Democrats think Barr should resign because…he’s the attorney general. That’s the reality. In their psychobabble, they think he’s more of a Trump agent, for which they have zero evidence to back up, which is becoming a rather disturbing quality of American liberalism: presumed guilt first. It’s a kangaroo court ethos that has leeched into most Democratic circles. Look at the Left's policy to combat sexual assault on college campuses. 

Dr. Gorka noted that he recently visited the president in the Oval Office to talk about his upcoming book and catch up. During his visit, Dr. Gorka remembered what the president told him two years ago concerning the Russia investigation.

“They will find nothing because there is nothing,” Dr. Gorka remembers Trump telling him when the Left initiated this clown show. And after two years, $30+ million, 500 search warrants, 500 interviewed witnesses, and 2,800 subpoenas, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded just that on Russia collusion. For years, some of us knew there was zero evidence to prove Russia collusion. It didn’t happen. The report confirmed that. 


As for obstruction, well, there wasn’t enough evidence. Both AG Barr and outgoing DAG Rosenstein said there wasn’t enough to pursue charges. In liberal land, that means…Trump obstructed. No, it doesn't. And just because some trash Obamaite on CNN says so doesn’t make it real. No obstruction. No collusion. Trump is president. Those are the facts. Some bad things reportedly happened throughout this investigation, says the Left. If there are no charges, I couldn’t care less. We all know the Left hates Trump and will do anything to get rid of him. Frankly, and you all know this, we don’t have to care what the Left has to say because we all know they’re horrible human beings. Barr was poised, exhibiting, as Dr. Gorka noted, measured contempt for the clowns on the committee while dismantling much of the nonsense they spouted.

The media will continue to waste its time over this nothing burger story about Russia and the Barr-Mueller letter, where the latter said the AG’s summary wasn't inaccurate, but Mueller was upset with how the media was reporting on it. That’s not a story. That’s typical DC-diva drama. What is a story is the increasing tension in Venezuela? Oh, and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the congresswoman who is probably an anti-Semite, who thinks Israel has hypnotic powers that blind people to its evil, and marginalized the 9/11 attacks as an event, “where some people did something” to avoid slamming radical Islam, thinks the Venezuelan situation is America's fault.


Storm and Dr. Gorka also discussed how American liberalism, at its heart, is a philosophy that has zero accountability, where every day is a new flavor. You see that with their abortion extremism and racist antics. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wore blackface and is still in office. Mark Herring, who also wore blackface, is still the state’s attorney general. Any other politician from an opposing party would have resigned. Don’t tell me there aren’t separate rules on this—and Democrats know this. How else would you explain Democratic Alabama State Rep. John Rodgers saying, on the abortion issue, “some kids are wanted, unloved…you send them to the electric chair…so, you kill them now or you kill them later.” This was a long time coming. Maybe the first public showing of the Left’s abortion extremism in the past decade was when they removed “safe, legal, and rare” from the 2012 Democratic platform, which was also the convention where Democrats booed God.

With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein leaving, perhaps AG Barr can clean up the DOJ. That whole department was politicized to the extreme, but also, as Dr. Gorka noted, so was the IRS and Park Service. Remember when park rangers set up barricades to prevent veterans from going to the World War II memorial? 


The other aspect that was touched on by Dr. Gorka was how he thinks the campaign to destroy Barr stems from the Left's fear that he’s the chief legal enforcement official who will be in office when the DOJ Inspector General’s report on the alleged FISA abuses is released. It’s coming soon, and Dr. Gorka said he heard it’s going to be a “scorcher.” The usual suspects, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, and others are included, and serious ramification could occur as a result. Stay tuned.

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