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It’s episode 75. It’s also Storm’s birthday, so wish him a very happy birthday…unless you’re a condescending progressive POS. Then don’t bother. You’re trash. And speaking of trash, former Vice President Joe Biden stumbled over his first 2020 campaign stump. It’s all in the clip below, folks. If this were a Republican, you bet the media would be talking about mental capacity, health, and whether the nameless GOP candidate was fit for office. They did it to McCain. They’ve done it to President Trump, who did five campaign events a day before the close of the 2016 cycle.


As Joe tries to recapture white-collar workers up north in Pennsylvania, the border crisis rages to the south. The country's catch and release policy has led to 7,000 illegals being dumped in Tucson. Our facilities can no longer house these people. It may be time to shut it down. Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo had her interview with Border Patrol interrupted by, you guessed it, illegal aliens. They’re all clamoring for asylum, and these laws need to be changed. Right now, the White House has announced a new plan, which includes adding a filing fee for asylum seekers. The Rio Grande has dried up due to the warmer temperatures, which means the crisis could get even worse. When it comes to enforcement, well, we have holes there as well. Those we entrust with enforcing the law and executing justice are not doing their part, as demonstrated by a Massachusetts judge who helped an illegal brought up on drug charges escape the courthouse to evade an ICE agent. He also had a DUI charge from Pennsylvania. This guy should be sent the hell back, but liberals apparently will tolerate these people driving drunk and peddling drugs. 

While Trump has promised to get this situation under control, even overhauling the Department of Homeland Security, he still has other big-ticket items to handle. He recently announced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan; he met with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi today. 


Storm added that 81 percent of Americans think we’re too easily offended, meaning that a) a lot of Democrats agree that snowflakes are trash, and b) there are sane people left in this world. The problem is the loudmouth speech Nazis have silenced the overwhelming majority that doesn’t care about safe spaces, trigger warnings, and garbage lectures about all things problematic.

And speaking of Nazis—The New York Times decided to use their new location at the Reichstag to publish a couple of explicitly anti-Semitic cartoons. Yes, they bungled the apology. And yes, the Democrat-media complex gave them cover, with the ABC, NBC, and CBS offering zero coverage during their morning and evening broadcasts over the weekend. CNN did devote a whopping 12 minutes of coverage to the foul-up. And after all that—the NYT published yet another anti-Semitic toon (via Fox News):

After apologizing over the weekend for publishing a syndicated cartoon with "anti-Semitic tropes" in its depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, The New York Times was criticized again Monday over yet another caricature of Netanyahu.

Dan Senor, a former Pentagon aide and advisor to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, called out the "paper of record" for printing another anti-Netanyahu cartoon, this time depicting him as a blind Moses-like figure holding a tablet with the Israeli flag on it instead of the Ten Commandments.


The cartoon appears to have been published this weekend in the international edition of the paper, the same edition that printed Thursday's cartoon.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on the Times to take "immediate action" over the new cartoon.

"This is insensitive, inappropriate, and offensive. It shows once again that the @NYTimes needs to educate its staff about #antiSemitism. We call on them to take immediate action," Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted Monday.


As many quipped on Twitter, no one told us that Ilhan Omar or David Duke were running the NYT op-ed page. 

We'll see you on Thursday with a very special guest: Dr. Sebastain Gorka.

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