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AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Today former Vice President Joe Biden will announce his 2020 presidential run. He’s already a two-time loser. But the Democratic field is devoid of quality talent. He has name recognition, access to cash, and could be a candidate who could siphon away support of the white working class away from Trump. Yet, Joe Biden is facing Me Too issues prior to his announcement. Several women have alleged that the former vice president was inappropriate. He either placed his hand on a part of their body that they were not comfortable with or did something that was equally off-putting, like smelling their hair. Of course, Biden has not apologized. He doesn’t feel that he was intentionally inappropriate, but he will no longer manhandle the ladies on the campaign trail. Even after all of this, deep down we all know this wasn’t going to derail his 2020 plans. He’s a Democrat. They get away with everything. Credibly accused rapist, Bill Clinton, was elected president. Case closed. Still, we’re duty bound to remind people that Uncle Joe has been a creeper for a long, long time. 


To make things even more awkward, remember when he quarterbacked the “it’s on us” campaign for college campuses(via Obama White House):

Twenty-one years ago, I wrote the Violence Against Women Act to end the scourge of violence against women and hold perpetrators accountable. It’s been a great success, but even one attack is one too many.

So I held a number of calls with hundreds of students, administrators, advocates, and survivors and asked what we can do to make colleges safer. The overwhelming answer—get men involved.

So President Obama and I started It’s On Us—to wake-up our colleges and universities – and the country – to the epidemic of sexual violence on their campuses.

Over the past year, we’ve gotten celebrities, major companies, sports leagues, and leading broadcasters to participate in public service announcements and display logos and information, showing how everyone can help prevent these heinous crimes from ever happening.

One thing students can do is take the It’s On Us pledge. Over 250,000 students have already pledged:

To intervene instead of being a bystander.

To recognize that any time consent is not – or cannot – be given, it is sexual assault and it is a crime.

To do everything you can to create an environment where sexual assault is unacceptable, and all survivors are supported.


Okay, Biden never sexually assaulted anyone, but these are the Left’s rules here. He’s certainly been accused of harassment and it’s all part of this narrative here. And yes, he’s been accused of being a little touchy, touchy without consent. Reportedly, he pushed back his official declaration, so as to not trample coverage on the “She The People” event, which aims to animate and empower minority women in progressive politics. That’s the seat of irony as well.

So, welcome to the 2020 Democratic clown car, Joe. And yes, we know Bernie Sanders has access to tons of cash, has name recognition, and can do well with white working-class voters. The problem is that, well, his democratic socialist ideas, despite what he thinks, area fantasy. Joe’s agenda is insufferably liberal. They’re wrong, but they’re not totally insane. Granted, that could change in a few days. 


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