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P Photo/Ric Feld

In any presidential election year, the candidates should be asked about recent international events, right? These folks are running to be our next commander in chief and the most powerful head of state in the world. So, during CNN’s five-hour town hall extravaganza, there was not one single question about the recent Islamic terror attack in Sri Lanka that killed close to 300 people, including four Americans. The bombings in the cities of Colombo, Negombo, and Batticaloa targeted Christians. It was a religious-based terrorist attack.  


It occurred on Easter Sunday. The body count was too large to ignore, so what does the liberal media do? In The Washington Post’s case, they decided to focus on a handful of far right-wingers in Europe. Why? Well, because bashing Christians is what the media does. You see, this horrific bombings in which scores of Christians were killed might lead people to be angry and that means you’re a Nazi or something. There are not enough eyerolls for the headline The Post used. On television, CNN decided to ignore this attack completely. Newsbusters has more:

Monday night was truly a marathon for CNN as they aired five back-to-back town halls with 2020 Democratic candidates. Yet, despite it being only one day after the massive coordinated terrorist attack in Sri Lanka by Islamic extremists that mainly targeted Christians with almost 300 dead and 500 injured, CNN offered zero questions about anti-Christian bigotry. Instead, CNN asked those candidates eight combined questions on impeaching President Trump.

For the town halls for Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Senator Kamala Harris (CA), Trump’s impeachment was at the top of the docket. “You serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Should the House — should the House Judiciary Committee move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump,” one student asked Klobuchar. The second question she received on the topic came in the form of a follow up from moderator Chris Cuomo.

“In light of Mueller's report do you believe the Democrats in Congress should reconsider their position on impeachment,” was the question that kicked off Harris’s town hall.

Since Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) was the first Democratic candidate to openly call for Trump’s impeachment, moderator Anderson Cooper pressed her on how that battle could hurt Democratic chances to beat him


Yeah, the collusion horse is dead. Flies buzzing around, maggots pouring out the decayed and hollowed out eye sockets —but CNN and company are still convinced it will get up and gallop away healthy. This carcass isn’t even fit for the glue factory. The Mueller report nuked the collusion nonsense. The obstruction aspect is still up for debate…among liberals. But for the rest of the country, we’ve moved on. We won and the Democrats lost. Still, this isn’t going to stop their impeachment dreams. Obstruction junction is ahead, where we will listen to how Trump tried to obstruct an allowing 500 witnesses to be interviewed, 500 search warrants to be executed, and over 2,000 subpoenas issued. Oh yeah, there’s obstruction, all right. This nonsense won’t end, but I’ll tolerate it. It just makes the Left look more unhinged. 

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