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Federalist Editor: Gee, The Omission Of The Clinton-Russia Collusion Evidence Is Glaring

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Well, the circus is back in town, everyone. The Russian collusion circus has set up shop. The liberal media is going bananas. The Democratic Party has not been dissuaded. It’s your typical reaction from a party that’s dabbled in this nonsense for two years. For the media, well, they’ve peddled Russian collusion trash for years as well. In some cases, they’ve gone way, way off the deep end to drum up the hysteria that now grips the entire political left. It’s taken a cult-like form now. Still, the report is clear and definitive. There was no Russian collusion. There’s zero evidence to support any of the cuckoo left-wing theories about this story that’s dominated the liberal media bubble for two years. A bubble that’s also published fake news rash about collusion. This report kills it. It’s done. Done like when Eli Manning lobbed it to Plaxico Burress in Super Bowl 42. Done like when Tiger Woods sunk the 18thhole in less than three putts to win the Masters. 


And yet, the media has been pushing the goals posts. It’s truly pathetic to watch. I know you as Townhall readers already know this; I’m preaching to the choir. But it’s just sweet, sweet vindication. Half the nation knew this whole circus had zero evidence to prove Russian collusion. Now, the Democrats get to eat crap on this…again. 

Still, that doesn’t mean we should let go of the Clinton-Russia collusion that occurred during the 2016 election. Folks, the Steele Dossier was a Clinton campaign funded the venture. It had former and current sources from the Kremlin. It was an opposition research project that was allegedly used to secure a FISA spy warrant against Carter Page, Trump’s former foreign policy adviser for his campaign. In fact, the Mueller report makes it quite clear that Page was not at all in cahoots with the Russians, which we already knew, and actually worked with the FBI to nab unregistered Russian agents in years past. But no, he’s a traitor or something because that’s what the trash liberal media doled out when this clown show became an unstoppable force of idiocy. The Federalist’s Sean Davis took to Twitter with his analysis of the report. He noted that there appears to be evidence that the Mueller team really tried to pin collusion to Trump, but couldn’t find anything. 


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