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Uh, Liberal Media, There's Something About That 'Trump Played A Nazi' Song Story You're Missing

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The liberal media is not taking ‘no collusion’ day well. The report filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is finally out. Members of Congress have it. And guess what: no collusion. No obstruction. After two years of investigating, the report confirms what half the country already knew, which is that this whole collusion story was a hoax. It was pure nonsense. There’s no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. None. Not on the Wikileaks dumps, the meetings with Russians—nothing. There was not enough to bring obstruction charges against Trump either. 


So, out with Russian collusion, and say hello to obstruction junction, where once again the liberal media will act just as idiotic and even more conspiratorial trying to make that aspect a reality. It won’t happen. They’re both based in fantasyland. Trump won. America won. Liberals lost. They ate it again today. 

President Trump held a presser earlier this morning where a particular song was played. Was it a Nazi song? The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman is wondering about it. Truth be told, I like Haberman. She has not gone totally insane on this whole story, though her unfortunate inquiry seemed to show that the liberal media, being incapable to torching the Trump White House over the report, were desperate enough to think a Nazi song would be played. It’s from the Sound of Music. It’s an anti-Nazi song, and as Emily Zanotti of The Daily Wire noted, just because it’s played in Amazon’s ‘Man In The High Castle,’ in which Nazi Germany has occupied half of America in an alternate universe, doesn’t make it a Nazi anthem. It’s another rather embarrassing episode for the liberal media who have consistently been hit in the face with a shovel when it comes to covering this White House. Our friends at Twitchy captured the train wreck:


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