Iceberg Dead Ahead? One-Third Of Democrats Think Biden Isn't 'Woke' Enough

Posted: Apr 03, 2019 2:50 PM
Iceberg Dead Ahead? One-Third Of Democrats Think Biden Isn't 'Woke' Enough

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Former Vice President Joe Biden may be gearing up for a third bite of the apple concerning running for president. He’s tried to get ahead of everything. Well, mostly everything. He apologized to Anita Hill over the Clarence Thomas hearings. He then said that white culture needed to change. Woke Joe was upon us. Politically correct Joe was here, but did anyone really take this seriously? Even the most die-hard liberal would see these moves as politically motivated. Biden is expected to declare his candidacy this month, but he’s been saddled with allegations from four women that he was a bit handsy with them. The most recent allegations dropped last night (via The Hill):

The women, Caitlyn Caruso and D. J. Hill, recounted their experiences to The New York Times.

Caruso, 22, told the Times that Biden rested his hand on her thigh even as she attempted to show her discomfort by squirming in her seat during an event on sexual assault at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Caruso, who was 19 at the time, added that Biden hugged her "just a little bit too long."


Hill, 59, told the newspaper that while taking a photograph with Biden in 2012, the then-vice president placed his hand on her shoulder and began moving it down her back, something she said made her "very uncomfortable."

"Only he knows his intent," she added.

So, Biden has Me Too drama. It’s going to be fun watching Democrats squirm over this. They’re getting eaten alive by their rules. So, this is very popcorn-worthy, but it may not the thingthat could give Biden 2020 heartburn. Apparently, a lot of Democrats think the former vice president is out of touch and not liberal enough (via Morning Consult):

…even before his potential rivals for the Democratic nomination have had the chance to weaponize his age and moderate bent against him, a new Morning Consult/Politico poll finds chunks of the Democratic electorate agree with negative sentiments about the most popular possible 2020 contender.

More than three in 10 Democrats (31 percent) said they agree that the 76-year-old is out of touch with the challenges that younger Americans face today, compared to 52 percent who disagree. And a third of Democrats (33 percent) agree that Biden is not progressive enough to make the changes Democrats need, compared to 48 percent who disagree.

Obviously, Biden isn’t afraid about the mounting Me Too allegations stacked against him. He’s running. He’s a fighter. He’s leading in the polls, but with a third of the party already not really sold on him this early, there’s a chance that this could go south real fast. And given that he’s a two-time presidential loser like Hillary, we’ll just have to wait and see. Will Biden 2020 be dominant or go down quicker than the Hindenburg.  

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