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Hey, remember Jussie Smollett? The openly gay black actor who faked a hate crime because he was upset over his salary on the television series “Empire.” Yet, there were other reports that suggested he was upset that a racist letter, that he allegedly made and sent to himself, which was covered in white powder—later determined to be aspirin, did not get enough media attention. The actor claimed in January that two white men wearing red hats hurled racist and homophobic insults at him, threw bleach on him, and put a rope around his neck in the early morning hours when the temperatures were around sub-zero. Yeah, it was suspect from the start. In the end, it was a total hoax and Smollett’s antics were brought before a grand jury. 


In the end, it was two Nigerian brothers, one of which was an extra on “Empire,” while the other was a former personal trainer of the actor. They knew him. He wrote them a $3,500 check to carry out this so-called assault. They reportedly had rehearsals. The brothers are caught on surveillance footage buying the supplies for the hoax. And the national media got played once again because Trump derangement syndrome has so rotted the newsrooms of America. I mean, you all know it was already bad; Trump’s 2016 win has accelerated the decay. 

Now, a grand jury has returned with 16 federal charges against Smollett (via CBS Chicago):

Jussie Smollett is now facing deeper legal troubles after a grand jury returned 16 federal counts against the actor for falsely reporting a hate crime attack against him in January.

The grand jury returned the indictment on Thursday.

Last month, Smollett was charged with a disorderly conduct count for allegedly staging a racist and homophobic attack last month in Streeterville.


Police said, in reality, Smollett had paid those two men, Ola and Abel Osundairo, $3,500 by check to stage the attack. CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar has reported Smollett also directed the brothers to buy the noose at a hardware store and the hat and masks at a store in Uptown. Johnson said police have the check


Smollett is expected to strike a plea deal. He has become a national joke. Case in point, Charles Barkley roasting the young actor for peddling this hoax. On a more serious note, we once again have the Democrat-media complex smearing millions of innocent Americans due to their political beliefs. 

Micah Rate contributed to this post.

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