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So, apparently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a little stung by all the critics, even some on her side of the aisle, trashing her Green New Deal. It’s a wide-ranging arc of criticism, from the bill is too ambitious to it’s totally insane; it’s become the Republicans’ favorite punching bag. It is a bag of meth, folks. It’s just totally off the rails. A complete transitioning away from fossil fuels within a decade, economic assistance to those unwilling to work, upgrading all buildings to energy efficient standards, and the mass genocide of farting cows. It’s crazy. Oh, and should it shock anyone that there is no cost projections or anything about possible tax hikes. Yeah, that’s because this socialist goodie bag will cost trillions. On Friday, the left-wing congresswoman tried to hit back at her critics, noting that they should come up with a plan of their own before saying until she’s the “boss.” She made these remarks at a Girls Who Code event (via American Mirror):

Talking about how she tried to overcome her insecurities, she said, “I’m at least trying, and they’re not. And so the power is in the person who’s trying, regardless of the success.

“If you’re trying, you’ve got all the power, you’re driving the agenda, you’re doing all this stuff,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“Like, I just introduced the Green New Deal two weeks ago, and it’s creating all of this conversation. Why? Because no one else has even tried,” she declared, in an apparent snub to Barack Obama’s Paris accord.


“Some people are like, ‘Oh, it’s unrealistic, oh, it’s vague, oh, it doesn’t address this minute little thing, and I’m like, you try! You do it! ‘Cause you’re not! ‘Cause you’re not! So, until you do it, I’m the boss!

“How about that?” she declared

And as some noted on Twitter, she’s not really the boss being part of a 435-member body, and she’s an elected official. The voter is the boss. Yes, theoretically, they can vote her out, but they won’t being that AOC is from a D+90 district. Still, maybe throw a few jabs at her inane remarks, but stick to her policy. It’s bad. It’s outrageous. Virtually the entire 2020 Democratic field has backed it. That’s where the attacks should be concentrated.

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