Here We Go: VA Republicans To Hold Hearings Into Lt. Gov's Justin Fairfax's Alleged Sex Assaults

Posted: Feb 22, 2019 2:35 PM
Here We Go: VA Republicans To Hold Hearings Into Lt. Gov's Justin Fairfax's Alleged Sex Assaults

Democratic Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax has been hit with two allegations of sexual assault. Both women have come forward. The second accuser, Meredith Watson, said that she would be willingto testify in public. Fairfax has denied both allegations and refuses to resign. He tops off a wild month for the Virginia Democratic Party. Fairfax being accused of sexual assaults, while Gov. Ralph Northam and state Attorney General Mark Herring both admitting to wearing blackface in their youth. It was a banner start to Black History Month. Northam has also refused to resign. In fact, if all three got the boot, the GOP would retake the governorship and state government. That cannot happen. This is all about taking shelter, surviving the fallout, and holding onto power. It’s politics.

Fairfax was facing impeachment threats from his own side. Patrick Hope, a Virginia House Delegate from Arlington and a Democrat, threatened to bring forward articles of impeachment if Fairfax didn’t leave; he later withdrew the threat.  Now, Virginia Republicans are scheduled to hold hearings into Fairfax, which Democrats have decried as a partisan move. Yeah, we all endured the Left’s nonsense during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings for Supreme Court. So, Democrats, sit down, shut up, and stop silencing women (via WaPo):

Republicans will invite two women who have accused Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) of sexual assault to publicly testify before lawmakers, despite Democrats’ objections that it would turn into a “political, partisan show.”

The move came one day after House Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) criticized Democrats for resisting his efforts to launch a bipartisan investigation into the accusations against Fairfax.

Del. Rob Bell (R-Albermarle) rose on the House floor shortly after noon on Friday and said the body had “a duty to investigate.” He said the House Courts of Justice committee will schedule a hearing but did not provide a date. And he said Fairfax would be invited to testify, along with the two women.

Fairfax has emphatically denied the allegations, saying the encounters were consensual. His spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  

Cox originally proposed a 10-person investigative committee — with five Republicans, five Democrats and limited subpoena power — to look into claims by Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson that Fairfax sexually assaulted them years ago.

Both of his accusers have asked the General Assembly for the opportunity to publicly testify.

It seems Virginia Democrats are about to have a Brett Kavanaugh show of their own. Here’s the difference. I’ve yet to hear anyone say that people who still support Fairfax are complicit in evil. I’ve yet to hear that because of these allegations, Fairfax doesn’t have the temperament unless they’re taking swipes at Democrats for making the same case about Kavanaugh when he was dragged through the mud over baseless claims of sexual misconduct. The fact that Democrats are worried this will become a partisan show isn’t out of line, but these are their rules.