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LISTEN: Triggered Podcast: Trump Addresses The Nation Tonight. Will Democrats Have A Total Meltdown?

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We’re back. I’m back after a horrible cold; all of this just in time for President Trump’s address on the crisis at the border. Democrats are going apoplectic. There’s a possibility that Trump could declare a national emergency and use DoD funds to build the wall. The Left thinks this would be an authoritarian move, and that Trump is not a king. We’ll see what happens tonight. All networks will carry the broadcast. To CNN’s Don Lemon, he’s appalled. Viewing this as just another way for Trump to push his agenda, Lemon suggested having this broadcast on delay. His colleague Chris Cuomo thought this was nonsense, and even said a wall is not a controversial, immoral, or propagandistic for pushing for a border wall. Oh, and that the president has the right to address the country, the media has the responsibility to cover it; they can fact-check afterward. The two got into a heated exchange over the matter.


NBC News has decided to whip out the political correctness towel by calling several terrorists apprehended by Border Patrol as “immigrants.” They’re not immigrants, migrants, or whatever. You’re on a list of known or suspected terrorists…you’re a terrorist. Period. 

We closed by noting doom and gloom that’s coming to Virginia. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is launching a full-blown assault on Second Amendment rights. It’s the usual menu: universal background checks, red flag laws, an assault weapons ban, and the return of the one gun a month law.  When the GOP has a sizable majority in the House of Delegates, I was more confident we could stop this.  The GOP only has two-seat majorities in both chambers: 51-49 in the House of Delegates and 21-19 in the state Senate. It’s grim. The VA GOP has already caved on Medicaid expansion. Will the initial push fail? Yes, but Northam will still be governor, the GOP is likely to lose the legislature in the next round of legislative elections, and at this point, a Democrat is going to win the next gubernatorial election. In the short term, we can probably get a delay. The long game ends with most of these anti-gun proposals becoming law in all likelihood. 


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