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LISTEN: Triggered Podcast: Mueller Needs To Go

Today was Storm’s day to vent. After days of holding it in, Paglia blew like Mount Vesuvius over the Mueller probe, which keeps going on and on, with no direction in terms of finding out if the Trump camp colluded with the Russians in 2016. There’s zero evidence to support that claim—and that remains the case. Is Michael Cohen, who pled guilty to another Mueller charge, a rat? You’ll just have to listen. For those who thought this probe should just play out, well, maybe it’s time to rethink this because the Department of Justice appears to be entrapping people, like Jerome Corsi, who is a bit out there on the fringes of conservative media. Still, this is America; everyone deserves equal protection under the law. Corsi voluntarily submitted emails relating to the Mueller investigation. They asked him about forwarding a certain email, Corsi couldn’t recall, and so they allowed him to revise and think it over. When Corsi did remember what emails he forwarded, they decided to bring charges against him. It’s nuts. Do you want to know how many emails Storm and I receive on any given day? It soars into the hundreds.


Russia and Ukraine remain on the verge of war. Trump canceled a meeting with Putin at the G-20 meeting in Argentina. The Democrats criticized Trump for his planned meeting with the Russian president, and now that he decided to cancel, they bash him for not meeting with him. You can’t win with Democrat trash. 

Over at the United Nations, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill decided to call for the destruction of Israel. CNN’s Chris Cillizza kisses his kids on the mouth; is that weird? Democrats re-nominated Nancy Pelosi, though she’s short of the 218 votes needed to reclaim the gavel. There are 32 anti-Pelosi Democrats but watch that number whittle away.

In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio was warmly received by fellow New Yorkers at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting—and by warmly received, I mean he was booed—loudly. We’ll see y’all next week unless there’s a nuclear war in Ukraine.

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