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CNN’s Jim Acosta and CNN went to war with the Trump White House. Acosta decided to not ask the president a question after the 2018 midterm, by challenge him on his use of the word invasion when describing the illegal alien horde that’s amassing at our southern border. Trump wasn’t having any of it, leading to one of the best fireworks shows in recent memory. Trump ripped into him, calling him a rude and terrible person. Oh, and that CNN should be ashamed that they have him on their payroll. It was an epic beating; trashing CNN has become a regular occurrence with the Trump White House and the wider conservative movement. 


Acosta had his White House hard press revoked. That doesn’t mean he was barred from the pressroom, nor was CNN. Any reporter could have covered the briefings—and Acosta could have been there as well on a day pass. But, alas, CNN wanted to remain in the headlines and filed a lawsuit. The judge said the Trump White House had to restore his hard pass access. Yet, it’s still a loss because no on cares if CNN or Acosta’s feelings get hurt. Our president took him to the woodshed. He fought back. He threw haymakers. That alone earns Trump the loyalty he deserves from his base after years of past Republican presidents just taking it in the teeth from this insufferable bunch.

The media often said that the caravan of illegals were hundreds of miles away. Yeah, because page one of problem solving 101 states that you wait until the s**t almost hits the fan before you start thinking of solutions, right? That’s another reason why the liberal media should be trashed by this president on a daily basis. They’re just plain wrong. This is an invasion—and luckily, we have a president who is going to do all that he can to keep them out. Is it time for Acosta to apologize to Trump for being totally and utterly wrong? Fox News’ Laura Ingraham wants to know. She also touched upon some of the worst hot takes from the liberal media. From those saying the tear gas was cruel to CNN saying the illegals trying to storm the border shows…that we don’t need a wall, or something. Whatever the case, the media was embarrassed again. They tried to prove Trump wrong—and failed. The illegal alien caravan is mostly male, full of criminals, and they’re not seeking asylum. No wonder why the numbers for trust in the mainstream media remains in the toilet. 


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