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Liberal Bubble: Newsweek Writer Unleashes Some Straight Up Stupidity About AR-15 Owners

The liberal bubble never ceases to amaze me. No, literally, it’s a toxic waste dump of condescension and suffocating arrogance. From taxes to gun policy, it must be reassuring for the Left to think that they’re so right about everything that when they’re confronted with how their views are total nonsense, it must be because everyone else is out of touch. Reinforced by CNN, Huffington Post, and other left-wing news outlets, it’s the ultimate echo chamber. So, when folks from the elite liberal media tweet nonsense like this, I can figure out the point source. The liberal bubble, Hillary-land, CNN-ville, whatever you want to call it—has to have an impregnable dome for someone to think that all AR-15 owners are mass murderers.


Okay—first, millions of Americans own AR-15s, so this hypothesis is just wrong at face value. Second, social media isn’t the best indicator of social trends. Even if she got 500 replies torching her views on guns, and rightfully so, that’s still a gross generalization, though, for the Left, it’s easier than thinking—so here we are (again). If there is ever a reason to think for why the liberal media fails miserably at reporting on firearms, point to this tweet. If there’s ever a reason to give for why news publications should have more firearms policy writers, point to this tweet. This is stunning ignorance, and partially one of the reasons why the Left and Right can no longer have discussions on some policy issues where there is common ground.


Seriously, what in the fresh hell is this nonsense? This couldn’t get any worse, right? Nope, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) just told someone to hold his beer

(H/T Twitchy)

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