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What A Bunch Of Deplorables: Pro-Trump Attendees Sing Amazing Grace After Woman Collapsed At Missouri Rally

President Donald J. Trump is doing one last rally in Missouri to help out local candidates, especially U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley who is in a dead heat with incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. The polls have been all over the place with some switches. But the liberal media has been touting the generic ballot advantage. The poll doesn’t mean jack to the key House races that will decide who will control the House next year. Across the board, these are traditionally GOP districts and only a point or two separates the Democratic and Republican candidates. It’s all a toss-up. 


President Trump has been on the trail helping to stoke the base and make sure people vote Republican on November 6. This is a critical midterm election. While he addressed the crowd, a woman collapsed and needed medical attention. The attendees proceeded to sing Amazing Grace.


What’s tragic about this is that progressives will mock this incident. These people hate Trump, his supporters, religion, and any outward displays of national pride. They hate this country. Also, these people are deplorable? Oh, that’s right; we’re all bad, according to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. Yep, loving one’s country and praying for the recovery of a woman in need of medical attention—and supporting Trump and living America—makes us all deplorable in the eyes of liberal Democrats. Don’t forget that when you vote today, but what a nice gesture that will be met with eye rolls within the halls of America’s elite newsrooms. 

I hope the woman who collapsed is okay.

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