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It’s Election Day. Get out and vote Republican. Period. The economy is booming. Small business and consumer confidence have reached 18-year highs. U.S. worker pay has reached its highest level in a decade. And the Trump agenda is in danger of being stalled by a highly antagonistic and unhinged Democratic Party. 


We’re going to have live coverage all day. Visit Townhall Media for the latest updates on the House, Senate, and gubernatorial races that are occurring across the country. The Senate is a GOP lock, but the House really is in the “who the hell knows” category. The generic ballot advantage favors the Democrats, but in the competitive races that will decide who will control the lower chambers, it’s within a point or two. It’s a toss-up—and we’ll be here until the early morning hours to give you the final verdict. 

In the meantime, please go and laugh at PolitiFact, who had the stones to say that they’re not biased. If that’s the case, Liz Warren is 100 percent Native American. It’s crap. We all know they’re biased, but it never ceases to amaze the lengths in which the liberal media will go to try and hide their biases. Just say you’re a liberal outfit. It’s not hard. 

Please follow our live blog for the latest 2018 news, folks.

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