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'The Audience Shouted 'I’m Off The Plantation': Donald Trump, Jr. Addresses Black Conservative Conference

We’ve all seen the walk away posts on Twitter, where scores of former liberals are leaving the Democratic Party over their lurch to extremism. Is it real? Is it a hoax? That didn’t matter on Thursday night. Turning Points USA hosted the inaugural Young Black Leadership Summit, where black conservatives were jacked about American, President Trump, and building that wall south of the border. 


Black support for Trump is not the highest, but a double-digit gauge should make Democrats nervous. It’s more than enough to sink hopes of booting him in 2020—and an NAACP poll from August found black voter support for Trump standing at 21 percent. Donald Trump Jr. addressed the energized crowd, where he took swipes at President Obama for taking credit for his father’s economic success. Trump Jr. said it was the dumbest take in the history of politics and economics, and he drove home that its conservative policies that are driving the country’s economic machine right now (via Politico):

Trump Jr.’s speech kicked off the inaugural Young Black Leadership Summit put on by Turning Point USA, a conservative group focused on young voters that was founded in 2012 and has gained traction in the Trump era.

The few hundred young African-American conservatives will also travel to the White House on Friday morning to meet with President Trump, in addition to hearing from other prominent black conservatives such as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, actress Stacey Dash and radio host Larry Elder.

“The fakers say you don’t exist,” TPUSA’s 25-year-old founder Charlie Kirk, a prominent Trump supporter and frequent Fox News guest, told the crowd as he introduced Trump Jr. The crowd cheered, chanting “USA!” and “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as the president’s son came on stage.

Trump Jr. said the conference was proof that his father’s presidency was diminishing the Democratic Party’s popularity among African-American communities “They’re resisting the fact that they are losing their stranglehold on entire communities,” Trump Jr. said of the Democrats and the #Resistance movement. “They just assume they have your vote anyway.”


Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson captured some cool moments, like when a “build the wall” chant erupted, along with one attendee proudly saying they were off the plantation. One thing is for sure; liberals will view these independent-minded black Americans as race traitors. So be it. This is America. Be and think however you want, and screw anyone who says otherwise.

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