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LISTEN: TRIGGERED Episode 23: White Supremacist Milk Edition

Okay—today’s episode sort of went off the hinges for Storm and me. It started off fine, but with the 2018 election on the horizon and liberal nonsense, blood pressures spiked and things got a bit out of hand. Luckily, Micah, our intrepid producer, edited out the NC-17 rated parts, but the horde of illegal aliens marching toward our southern border continues. Cocaine Mitch continues to taste sweet, sweet victory—totally unfazed by some crazy lefty who heckled him at a restaurant with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. This incident got so pathetic that even some patrons around the Senate Majority Leader straight up told the left-wing nutjob to leave the couple alone, and that no one cared. So long, loser. Mitch’s ‘I just won, b**ch’ demeanor is just classic.


And speaking of annoying…female dogs, anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti was slapped with a $4.5 million judgment. He has to pay a former attorney per their original agreement, and his law firm was evicted from their office space for not paying four months worth of rent. 

In terms of political correctness insanity, PETA says drinking milk supports white supremacy or something. The Left is going after everything. If you drink milk, you’re a racist. If you drink beer, you’re a rapist. Frankly, and I discussed this in another post, I don’t care about alleged cow abuse or whatnot. I want my milk. Period. 

In a story that was equally unbelievable, but true, 25 percent of Arizona State University students that participated in a recent survey said that the 2016 election triggered them because Trump won. The survey was conducted in 2017. We have weak sauce kids walking around; it’s an election. You often lose in these contests. Get over it. 


Also, we’ll try to dig up audio of Storm calling an anti-Israeli student at George Mason University a terrorist from his college days.

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