CNN To Former Melania Trump Aide: 'F**k You'

Posted: Oct 19, 2018 4:25 PM
CNN To Former Melania Trump Aide: 'F**k You'

It’s another day to make fun of CNN, so that makes it another very special day. And yes, Jim Acosta is involved. The Montana rally President Trump held last night is already triggering members of the elite news media because he made a joke about Rep. Greg Gianforte bodyslamming The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs. Yes, there are a great many media writers who think we’re being targeted, and that our jobs are similar to that of first responders and members of the military. We’re not. Keep your head on straight, people.

Acosta tweeted, “Tonight the Trump campaign/WH turned up the music so loud the press risers were vibrating. Nearly impossible to do live TV. I suppose the WH loves those kinds of shenanigans. But I wonder if it’s a security concern for USSS or local law enforcement. They can’t hear either.”

That earned him quite a few “dear diary responses,” which can usually be applied to any tweet he does when he complains or reports on the Trump White House. Acosta and CNN have become the favorite punching bags for this White House. A former aide to Melania Trump, Justin Caporale, responded just like that to the CNN reporter’s Montana whining, which earned a direct message from Acosta: ‘f**k you.” Acosta later apologized, saying he thought Caporale was an old buddy from the campaign trail. He later blocked him. Caporale allowed The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson to log into his Twitter account and verify that Acosta did indeed say this. He did (via The Hill):

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta sent a direct message to a Twitter follower that read "F--- you" after being mocked on the social media platform on Thursday night.

Direct messages can only be seen by the sender and receiver, but Justin Caporale, a former aide to first lady Melania Trump, made Acosta's message public by tweeting it to his own followers.


F**k you,” Acosta wrote to Caporale, using Twitter's private direct message option.

Caporale, who resigned as the first lady's director of operations in March, then shared Acosta's message on Twitter.

He also allowed a reporter from the Daily Caller, Peter J. Hasson, to log on to his Twitter account and verify the message.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted that it also seems that the “dear diary” swipes at Acosta on Twitter seem to get under his skin, so keep ‘em coming folks.