CNN Host: I Don't Want To Act Like The Word Police...But I Will To Make Sure Liberals Don't Look Bad

Posted: Oct 18, 2018 1:55 PM

The liberal media had a meltdown last week when conservative guests said that the Democratic Party, their allies, and their inane legion of left-wing whackos were acting like a mob. Since President Trump won the 2016 election, the Left has devolved into madness. We have Democrats calling for their supporters to harass Trump officials in public—and they have, members of the administration have been booted from restaurants, candidates assaulted, sitting congressmen shot at, and personal information leaked to the public. 

Why? Well, they don’t like their agenda. Yet, for CNN, calling these people a mob was a step too far. Hosts Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon called out conservative guests who pushed this line. The “M-word” was triggering. In an appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Baldwin said she doesn’t want to be the word police, but she will call people out for peddling talking points, which is what every contributor, guest, and host does at CNN for the Democratic Party (via Free Beacon):

CBS's "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert asked Baldwin on Tuesday night about a recent segment on her show where she called out Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis for calling protesters a "mob."

"You said one of your guests called Democratic protesters a mob," Colbert said. "And you said we're not going to use the ‘M' word around here."

"I did, I did," Baldwin said.

"You got a lot of flak for that. What happened?" Colbert asked.

"So we had Matt Lewis on, who I love having on, from the Daily Beast, and he brought up the word ‘mob.' And at the time the mob word had been this talking point for Republicans from all up and down Capitol Hill in the wake of what had happened with Dr. Ford and Justice Kavanaugh. So when he brought the mob word up again, I called him out," Baldwin said. "And, listen, like, I don't want to be the word police, and that was not my intention. But I also believe in calling out talking points and to hear him bring that up. I had to— I had to say something."

You guys are anti-Trump, Brooke. Your whole mess of a network. Your entire narrative over there is to make conservatives, the GOP, and the Trump White House look bad. You may fool the brain-dead liberal audiences that tune in to Colbert’s garbage show, but everyone knows CNN is an outlet for Democrats. You’re a shade lighter than MSNBC, which is totally unhinged concerning their anti-Trump coverage. The irony is that without Trump, CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet, something veteran journalist Ted Koppel noted. Just be honest: you don’t want to be the word police, but you’ll happily take that role if it means preventing liberals from looking bad. 

Lewis responded to this, by the way: