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You know there are times where you can’t actually roll your eyes hard enough over some of the crap CNN does. Yesterday, CNN contributors Mary Katharine Ham and Matt Lewis were on with host Brooke Baldwin, who was triggered by the fact that Lewis described left-wing protestors as a mob. Lewis cited the example of the time a bunch of left-wing loons harassed and chased Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife, Heidi, out of an Italian restaurant, Fiola, as an example. 


Brooke seemed to be appalled by the characterization, saying these aren’t mobs, though she made sure to note that she didn’t think this type of harassment was right. Baldwin interjected, saying what we saw at Charlottesville, Virginia, the neo-Nazi Unite The Right rally, was a mob. So, you see, when the right protests, it’s a mob. When Tea Partiers protest for lower taxes, smaller government, and fewer regulations, it’s a mob. The trash that protested in Charlottesville last year, which led to bloodshed and one fatality, are not conservatives. They’re not mainstream conservatives, but Lefty outlets, like CNN and others, are happy to lump us all into one Nazi camp. It’s par for the course.

Lewis added, what would you describe the people who stormed the Supreme Court when Kavanaugh was confirmed and started to claw at its doors?

“That’s pretty mobby,” replied Ham. Seeing that her two guests agreed, Baldwin deployed countermeasures, saying let’s move on from the “m-word.” 


The “m-word,” excuse me?  

The Cruz episode was during the most intense period of the fight over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed over the weekend. Cruz is shown leaving the restaurant from video taken of the encounter, but when the mob left the establishment, the Cruz's promptly returned to finish their meal because screw these people. 

You’re saying this is not a mob, CNN? In Portland, Oregon, one man was recently chased by a mob when he dared to, gasp, go about his merry way in this fine land. Antifa attacked him.


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