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In California’s 24th congressional district, it’s a matchup between Justin Fareed and incumbent Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal. It should be your run-of-the-mill political campaign, which recently turned ugly when a crazy man in Paso Robles assaulted a canvasser for Fareed (via CalCoastNews):


A Paso Robles man allegedly assaulted a Cal Poly student who was going door-to-door canvasing for Congressional candidate Justin Fareed.

Late last month, Isaac Schick, 21, knocked on the home of Bart Charles on Bel Air Place in Paso Robles. Schick then informed the man who opened the door that he was conducting a poll on behalf of the Justin Fareed for Congress campaign.

“He called Fareed a racist and a fascist and began screaming and cursing,” Schick said. “I began walking away and he went after me.”

When Schick got to the sidewalk, he pulled out his phone and felt a fist on his back.

“He yelled you “F-ing” creep and hit me in the back,” Schick said. “I began to run and I started recording.”

It seems some are taking the calls for mob violence to heart, which the Fareed campaign touched upon in their press release over this incident:

The divisive, partisan mood in our country has grown to a fever pitch over the last few months, and unfortunately, the rancor recently resulted in political violence along the Central Coast. Recently, while canvassing neighborhoods for the Justin Fareed for Congress campaign, a young college student named Isaac was physically assaulted, chased and showered with obscenities for simply sharing literature and encouraging a man to get out and vote.

In the last few weeks, Democrat leaders have ratcheted up calls for violence, taking the political climate to a new low. Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently enflamed the rhetoric by inciting activists by saying, "When they go low, we kick!” Representative Maxine Waters called for people who encounter Republicans to "push back on them, and you tell them they're not welcome." Senator Corey Booker even called on activists to “get up in the face” of elected officials who they disagree with. 


After learning of the assault on his campaign canvasser, Fareed said, "As a society, we often express concern that Millennials aren’t involved enough in our civic process and aren't informed about the issues. Isaac took the time to study the issues and become involved. It's sad and discouraging that this is the response he gets for his efforts."

Fareed continued, saying, “We cannot resolve the serious issues facing our country if we allow bitterness and violence to take hold. Politics must not ever overshadow basic human decency or incite such viciousness. This type of behavior will never be acceptable to me, regardless of which side of the political spectrum it comes from. I call on Salud Carbajal to join me in renouncing those who call for or incite acts of violence in our country, our state and particularly our own district."


And in the neighboring 25th congressional district, it seems Democrats are straight up trying to harvest votes. A video from shows someone who said her name was “Lulu” showing up at her house. She was there to pick up some woman’s ballot. The woman said she’s an Independent voter. Lulu insisted that she was there because her ballot may not have been received at the polls due to a new law. RedState has more, but there is a state law, where someone can designate anyone to bring their ballot to the polls if that person is unable to do so. 

A vote by mail voter who is unable to return the ballot may designate any person to return the ballot to the elections official from whom it came or to the precinct board at a polling place within the jurisdiction. The ballot must, however, be received by either the elections official from whom it came or the precinct board before the close of the polls on Election Day.” 

You can see where this can be a problem. Here’s what happened:

Since the Kavanaugh debacle (and I mean debacle for the left, and not for the right), many have said that the Democrats will say or do anything to make their hoped-for Blue Wave in November a reality. Election fraud isn’t a new tool in their toolbox, but recent changes in California’s vote-by-mail law regarding “ballot harvesting” make the state an attractive target for Democrats to easily influence (or steal) a few seats.

In the state’s hotly contested 25th Congressional district, in which two-term Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) is fighting off a challenge from Katie Hill (D-Newhall), footage from a Santa Clarita family’s Ring camera is telling.


Lulu says in the video (emphasis added):

“Yeah, we’re offering this new service, but only to, like, people who are supporting the Democratic party. It’s a service; I’m just trying to pick up your ballot and show you how to do it if you don’t know.

If you don’t know how? Who doesn’t know how to fill out a ballot? Dubious, the woman asks, “You came here to pick up my ballot?” Lulu replies:

“Yeah, the bill just passed last year, but at the end. So there’s been a problem with like people — like half the ballots that were mailed last year didn’t get back. A lot of people weren’t signing the envelope on the back and stuff. “


The woman doesn’t sound convinced, but Lulu attempts to assure her all is well.

“It’s not like I’m going to fabricate it…But it has to be sealed and it has to be signed for me to even touch it.”

Lulu is right; there are a few laws governing the “harvesting” of ballots. The voter has to sign the outside of the envelope, as does the designated person. That doesn’t prevent the harvester from telling the voter which candidate to vote for or even lying about what the issues on the ballot are. Harvesters can be compensated – by campaigns, even – but just can’t be compensated on the basis of the number of ballots collected. I was unable to find anything requiring the designated person to prove that they are the person listed on the envelope


When the woman asks how she would know her ballot was submitted properly, Lulu leaves. I guess it wasn’t a big problem, huh? 

Given how things aren’t panning so well for Democrats in California, you can probably figure out why Lulu decided to walk away. 

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