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A broken clock is right twice a day and there may be some Democrats who are appalled by the delay tactics deployed by their party in the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination fight. I doubt there are many, however, but one of them is Democratic Party strategist Mo Elleithee. On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace laid out the playbook in this fight: it’s all a delay game. Place delay obstacles before this Kavanaugh nomination, run out the clock, animate the Democratic base of the midterms, increase party clout on the Hill, and do a reverse Merrick Garland on the Trump White House.


The Democratic playbooks has been open for all to see. It’s really no secret. The FBI investigation nonsense is horrifically transparent. The FBI report will not be conclusive by design, as was the case during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Then-chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Joe Biden noted this, saying how FBI reports are unreliable in sexual misconduct investigations. So, here we are. Wallace asked Elleithee about the narrative, where he admits that for some have adopted this unfortunate strategy:

I don’t think that’s where a majority of Democrats are. I think there are some Democratic activists out there who are saying let’s delay this, and then we’ll find something else to day, an then we’ll find something to delay after that and ride this through 2020. And I think they’re doing the Democratic Party, of which I am a proud member, a disservice. 

Well, they took some heat off of them by dragooning Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) into accepting this weeklong delay in order for the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations hurled at Kavanaugh. Keep in mind; this is not a criminal investigation. No records can be subpoenaed, no witnesses can be forced to testify—and we all know the Left is going to find it unsatisfactory. They want to block Kavanaugh, destroy his character, and keep this seat open. They will do just about anything to accomplish this and Flake just went along with it. 


As for Elleithee, I wish there were more Democrats like him. He served as a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton. He’s a regular fixture on Fox News. He’s at least sensible, which is something that is lacking in today’s Democratic Party.

Wallace noted that all 10 Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats rejected offers to appear on his program, while also noting that Democrats were the ones who delayed the FBI review because Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and co. didn't tell anyone about the sexual misconduct allegations until zero hour. They had six weeks to do it. 

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