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Democrats are doing everything they can to stop the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. We knew that. The problem was they had little to no tools to accomplish this. The GOP had the votes. The moderate wing of the Senate GOP had more or less given their stamp of approval. All they could do was create a ruckus, which they did during the hearings. The committee vote was slated for this past Thursday, but Feinstein’s office dropped a bombshell: a sexual misconduct allegation that has so far been poorly handled by Democrats. The timing is incredibly suspect. The allegation is nearly 40 years old. And the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, can’t remember where the party was, who hosted it, how she got there, or how this gathering came about. There are no corroborative witnesses, all those cited by Ford have denied the incident occurring, with some even wondering if such a party took place. It’s unprovable. Period. But that’s the beauty of it for Democrats; it creates a path to delay until after the 2018 midterms. They’re weaponizing Me Too for the elections. It’s the resurrection of the War on Women from 2012, though this allegation could be totally false. Democrats want the FBI to investigate. The FBI has already said they’re not going to touch it. They did their duty concerning the background check, there’s no federal crime, and this is a political issue, not one for law enforcement. 


Still, the Democratic line is to demand an FBI investigation because that prolongs the delay. So, there you have it, folks. The Left wants to use the FBI to boot Kavanaugh. No, we shouldn’t be shocked, but the precedent will be set - if not by Kavanaugh, then by some other nominee Democrats don’t like. Talk about whiplash: the Left hates the FBI, specifically James Comey, for supposedly costing Hillary Clinton the election. Then, Comey adopts the anti-Trump persona; he’s declared a safe person. Then, we hear about FBI officials sending anti-Trump texts (*cough Peter Strzok cough*), who some Democrats felt deserved a Purple Heart for what he did…which was saying how they would stop Trump; he was texting his mistress Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer. Here is where you find who are the true adherents of the Constitution and of law. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) aptly noted in his letter last night that it’s up to the Senate to decide if judicial nominees past their standards—and they have the ability to dig through such claims, like sexual misconduct. The need for the Left to weaponize institutions to take out people they don’t like should be incredibly disturbing to anyone. As their hero Obama would say, “that’s not who we are” (via WSJ): 


The FBI’s role is to perform a background check that provides confidential information to the White House about the character and integrity of the nominee. In a criminal probe, FBI agents offer judgments in their reports about the credibility of the people they interview. But in background investigations, or BIs as they’re called, the FBI does not provide commentary or issue judgments.

And thank heaven because to do so would be to turn investigators into political judges. No matter how well intentioned, agents would have to include their subjective view of the information they collected, or the credibility of the witnesses they interviewed. This would inevitably corrupt the bureau and its agents, who are unelected career employees.

Under the Constitution, the Senate is the ultimate judge of the fitness of a nominee appointed by the President. In this case Senators must assess whether they think Ms. Ford’s allegations are credible enough to disqualify Judge Kavanaugh. The Senate can’t abdicate that task to the FBI, much less order an executive branch agency to do its own advising and consenting.

And guess what, the GOP has afforded Ms. Ford a lot of latitude to get on the record to detail this allegation. So far, she’s a no-show. She’s gone to ground. The committee set aside Monday to address these allegations, but if Ms. Ford doesn’t show up, move forward. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), a key vote on judiciary who called for the postponement of the committee vote when these allegations dropped, said he would support his party’s push to proceed with Kavanaugh if Ford doesn’t appear. The game is up. The GOP remains united behind Kavanaugh. The Democrats thought they had the killshot. It ended up being an IED that blew up in their faces. Feinstein has faced heat from all sides for sitting on the letter by Ford detailing this allegation, which she received…in July. She sat on it, kept it from her Senate colleagues, but decided to blithely drop it at zero hour days before the committee vote. Feinstein has even admitted that the allegation might not be true, though she did some backpedaling on that—but the fact that she held onto the letter and didn’t bring it up during the hearings is also telling. Maybe she and her staff thought what many are already saying: that there is no evidence; there are no witnesses. This allegation cannot be verified. They have offered Ford a public or a private hearing. They even said they would send folks out to her house to interview her—she’s remains silent. One has to question the credibility of this allegation. It just reeks of a hit job—and it probably is with the added bonus, albeit a nefarious one, to pressure the GOP to bear down on the FBI to help them do their dirty work. So much for those lectures about institutional integrity, huh? 


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