Nancy Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives Illegal Aliens More 'Leverage'

Posted: Aug 09, 2018 1:45 PM
Nancy Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives Illegal Aliens More 'Leverage'

Well, folks, a vote for a Democrat is a vote to shield an illegal alien, or at least give them leverage on the Hill, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). At a press conference in El Paso, Texas, Pelosi said she didn’t want to get political, but got political anyway, saying that the more Democrats there are in Congress, the more leverage illegal aliens get (via Free Beacon):

She made those comments during a press conference held in El Paso, Texas, with immigrant-rights advocates and Veronica Escobar, the Democratic nominee in Texas' 16th congressional district. The minority leader officially journeyed to the region in order to gauge the impact of policies instituted by the Trump administration to mitigate unlawful border crossings.

While discussing her opposition to the president's zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, which has since been rescinded, Pelosi was asked how long migrants, both lawful and unlawful, would have to wait for Congress to act on comprehensive reform.

The congresswoman asserted she didn't "want to be political" in her response, before alleging reform would be impossible as long as the Republican Party remained in control of Congress.

Because this is the right thing to do, I have confidence that we will get where we need to go," she said. "But everything is about time and we want to shorten the distance, as your question indicated, between what we think is inevitable for America, they think is inconceivable."

Full remarks here:

I don’t want to be political here. I would say that to the extent that people hear the stories, it’s interesting because there was a recent survey that said if you ask people about their attitudes towards immigration and newcomers to the country, they might have one view. They haven’t thought about it a whole lot except they’re hearing the president. But if they know one family, if they know one immigrant family, if they go to school with immigrant children, or if their children go to school with any immigrant children, if they go to church with immigrants, they have a completely positive view. It changes everything. That's why I keep talking about public sentiment. And so because this is the right thing to do, I have confidence that we will get where we need to go. But everything is about time and we want to shorten the distance as your question indicated between what we think is inevitable for America. They think is inconceivable but we believe that we can get this done. We are not going to be able to get it done under the Republican leadership in Congress. We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November. And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family, to every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape, to escape death, rape, gang violence and the rest. Because it gives hope, because of the leverage it gives to families who may have followed dad home for a family funeral and now can’t come into the country. As all of those injustices have to be corrected. There’s a path and that path is greatly brightened by the knowledge that is in this community who sees first hand simple solutions which make a big difference in people’s lives. And so we’re getting ready for this and it’s only to come back to a place that honors our values, recognizes the importance of immigration to the success of America.

No, you don’t get to come off as Mother Theresa here. This is total crap. Everything from a Democrat is no different. This party is rapidly becoming an anti-border enforcement; anti-police, an open border party that thinks we should allow anyone in the country because they have a sob story. We all have problems, doesn’t mean I can use that as a passport to get into any country, or be given citizenship. Sorry, it’s against the law to come here illegally. If you’re caught, you get arrested, detained, and deported. See you later. 

And Pelosi is going to be a guiding voice on this when she defended the pack of animals that is MS-13. Democrats have continuously erected legislative obstacles to block the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Sanctuary cities are another side issue in this debate. Recently, Philadelphia became a sanctuary city and guess what: some illegal alien raped a child. Mayor Jim Kenney was dancing for glee when a judge granted the City of Brotherly Love sanctuary status. Is he jumping for glee now? The city recently announced that they were terminating a contract that allowed ICE agents access their databases. And then we get these stories:

A Honduran national who was deported in 2009, then reentered the country and raped a child after being released by the Philadelphia Department of Prisons was convicted of illegally coming back to the United States on Tuesday, federal officials said.

Juan Ramon Vasquez, a citizen of Honduras, pleaded guilty to illegal reentry after deportation in May 2009, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain said.

In March 2014, Vasquez was found back in the United States by U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, federal authorities said.

At that time, Vasquez was in the custody of the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, according to officials.

The City of Philadelphia thereafter chose not to comply with a detainer lodged by ICE for Vasquez, who was instead released from custody by the Philadelphia Department of Prisons, federal authorities said.

After being released, Vasquez was rearrested and convicted for rape of a child and unlawful sexual contact with a minor, according to officials. He is serving a sentence of 8 to 20 years in state prison, federal authorities said.

The victim was five years old. At least this outraged the DOJ attorney for Philly:

The Philadelphia region’s top Justice Department official sharply criticized city leaders Wednesday over their immigration policies, which he blamed for giving a “free pass” to a Honduran man who sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl.

In an interview with the Inquirer and Daily News, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain denounced Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” status as dangerous and blamed it for “foster[ing] mistrust between the community and local law enforcement” by favoring undocumented immigrants.

Although his statements echoed previous remarks from his bosses in Washington, it marked the first time since McSwain assumed his post in April that he had broken so directly and forcefully with city officials.

“If it turns out by playing favorites that you’re allowing children to get raped, my office is going to have a big problem with that,” he said.

Democrats care more about illegal aliens than American citizens. They don’t care that these bad illegals are raping children. They want these people’s votes—despite the cases of child rape and murder that are inflicted upon the citizen population by illegals, which wouldn’t have happened if we enforced the laws and got the people who shouldn’t be here the hell out of our country. So, do the happy dance, Mr. Mayor. Your policies allowed a child to be raped. Nancy, your party’s policies will continue to allow these horrible stories to be in the news, but hey—it’s all about leverage, right. To a certain extent, it does highlight politics at its purest, though in some instances, the debate can be horrid: you can either do the right thing or win. You cannot have both. Democrats want to win, and they seem to be willing to tolerate illegal alien criminality if that means boosting voter rolls through amnesty and pathways to citizenship.