Insane: Actress Thinks Democrats Lost Because of The Green Party-Russia Alliance, Or Something

Posted: Aug 09, 2018 2:30 PM

There still isn’t an official winner in Ohio’s special election in the 12th congressional district, but it looks like state Sen. Troy Balderson, the Republican candidate, will eke out a win against Democrat Danny O’Connor. This race was seen as a bellwether, and it’s the last contest before the actual 2018 midterms in November. Should this race have been this competitive? No. Should it have been an easy win? Yes, but a win is a win. Right now, hundreds of votes were found (yeah, I know, right?), but Balderson is still in the lead by a little over 1,500 votes, or 0.8 percent. That’s not enough to trigger a recount and usually the outcome, baring something extraordinary, remains the same. Yet, there could be another reason for the unhinged Left: the Green Party, which I guess is now a vessel of the Kremlin. Actress and Resist activist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to bash the Green Party saying:

“You know what sucks?  Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party votes tonight are Russian meddling. Why else would anyone cast a protest vote in Ohio when there’s so much at stake?”

Okay—enough. Yes, Jill Stein’s recount effort was super annoying and it amounted to nothing, but she’s not some GRU agent, though some liberal heat was hurled her way regarding this whole Trump-Russia non-story. Regarding this race, however, Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende noted that a lot of third party voters are true to their convictions, and wouldn’t have voted in this race if there wasn’t a third party candidate running. Democrats automatically think that the 1,129 people who voted for Greenie Joe Manchik would have gone to O’Connor. Not the case:

There’s no way to polish a turd. When you lose, you lose. The Democrats came close, yes—but they still lost. Only total crap talking points about how moral victories matter (they don’t) can soothe the sting of defeat. The Green Party didn’t spoil your chances, Democrats. You just lost…again. 

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