'Okay, Good': MSNBC Host Cheers After Hearing A Recession Could Hurt The Trump Presidency

Posted: Jul 03, 2018 2:55 PM

Yesterday, on MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace had historian and writer Jon Meacham, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, and others on the panel to discuss the Trump White House because the network isn’t doing its job if it isn’t making liberals feel better about themselves. It was the typical Trump criticism, though Meacham is not one to go on insane tirades. He did think that Trump is an unstable and unreliable actor, and that the reason why the markets have not reacted to such volatility is that the “401(k) Trumpists” are sticking with him. They see their portfolios going up, so why change horses. He also said that explains why Trump’s approval rating hovers in the mid-40s—and stays there. 

Meacham then added that Watergate didn’t engulf Nixon until the economy started to tank. This perked the attention of Wallace who joins the ranks of Bill Maher and other liberals who are hoping for America to fail to torpedo the Trump White House.  

Jon Meacham: If a recession hits…

Nicolle Wallace: Is that where he...the bottom falls out?

Meacham: I think so.

Wallace: Um, okay...good. 

The panel bursts into laughter. Yes, we had conservatives rooting for Obama to fail. It was wrong then too. We have to torch wallets, burn paychecks, destroy jobs, and kill the economic foundations of millions of Americans…because you didn’t win an election. That’s what this is about. You all know this. It’s not about institutional integrity; liberals have serious stones pulling that card given the serial overreach of Senate Democrats and the Obama White House during his two terms in office. If Democrats think that our system of government is so fragile that it cannot last because they lost an election, or because of social media, then they’re not really all that confident about America are they? And that’s the point—they’re not. They won’t be until progressive forces have destroyed and broken all opposing forces to their will, engulfed by the hyper-regulatory state they want to establish. Trump is a short-term goal. The long-term goal is the destruction of the Constitution since some provisions in that founding document won’t allow their nightmarish agenda become a reality without legal challenges. 

We’re rooting for the economic destitution of millions of Americans because we don’t like Trump. That’s the current Democratic Party. We have survived worse, folks. Trump is not the death of the country. Then again, that requires liberals understanding history, which they do not.  Grow up, kids. You’ll have your chance in 2020 to boot Trump—if you find a sentient being among your legions of crazy lizard people. 

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