Get Wrecked: Obama's Former Foreign Policy Adviser Just Got Trashed Again Over Iran Deal Fiasco

Posted: May 02, 2018 12:50 PM
Get Wrecked: Obama's Former Foreign Policy Adviser Just Got Trashed Again Over Iran Deal Fiasco

It’s another bad week for former members of the Obama administration. The Iran nuclear deal is on life support, as is the former president’s signature foreign policy achievement that anyone with cognitive function could see was going to end in total failure. Folks, we trusted a state-sponsor of terrorism to hamstring its nuclear ambitions, a nation that hosted a Holocaust denial conference. And we’re shocked that they—gasp—totally lied to us. I’m so shocked I got to sit down. 

Katie wrote about how this deal was just a massive ruse and how Israeli intelligence services nabbed some 100,000 pages of documents that exposed how Iran was cheating on the agreement. Israeli intelligence agents literally took the files out of the country:

Speaking from Tel Aviv Monday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed the world that Iran had a secret nuclear program, one they say never existed, before lying about it and signing the 2015 nuclear agreement under the Obama administration. 

"Iran is brazenly lying when it says they never had a nuclear weapons program," Netanyahu said.

Standing in front of a power point presentation labelled "Project Amad," Netanyahu revealed Israeli intelligence confiscated 100,000 documents from a secret location in Tehran. Those documents, many of which were in binders and on discs for visual reference, detail Iran's nuclear program through videos, blue prints, spreadsheets and more. The documents have been authenticated by the United States.

Of course, Obama’s foreign policy guru, Ben Rhodes, was in crisis mode, getting wrecked again by his former boss’s smart power foreign policy that has all but set the world on fire. Rhodes has insisted that Iran was complying with the deal. When that blew up in his face, he now says that Netanyahu exposes why we need the deal, or something. So, Iran was complying. Then, evidence is shown that they were lying. And now the flavor of the week is without this deal, Iran’s nuclear ambitions can be pursued without restraint.  

Besides this total garbage Iran deal, Yemen—who the Obama administration thought was the blueprint for the future of counterterrorism operations—collapsed. Russia annexed Crimea. And we dithered and allowed chemical weapons attacks to kill scores of people in Syria—and did nothing. That was the red line. It was crossed. And nothing happened. Then, we allowed the Russians to stake a claim in the Middle East, going back on a decades long policy of keeping them out. Russia is Syria’s Bashir al-Assad’s ally. We wanted Assad to go. Do you see how this could be an issue in establishing a sustained peace? Yet, it allowed the Obama White House to chart this course: we’re talking about how to stop the fighting, but very relieved that there is such an impasse (i.e. Russian support of Assad) that we don’t really have to use military force. We’ll just drop this in the lap of the next guy—and that they did. This is the record of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama. Three words can be used to describe him: Weak. Weak. Weak. 

Oh, and let’s not forget his take on how Trump dealt with North Korea:

It’s embarrassing, but Democrats bashing their heads into the wall is very popcorn-worthy.