Blowback: Does The Progressive Left Know That Their War On Chick-fil-A Maligns Black Americans

Posted: Apr 24, 2018 5:50 PM
Blowback: Does The Progressive Left Know That Their War On Chick-fil-A Maligns Black Americans

While a rather low-intensity issue, it’s a cultural one, which means its shelf life is virtually endless. The Chick-fil-A wars had a brief but intense skirmish on social media since a location opened in Manhattan. The Left thought that fast food chain, which is about to overtake Taco Bell, Burger King, and Wendy’s, had infiltrated New York City. Everyone else thought a really good food chain had opened up a location in the Big Apple. Yet, The New Yorker cast the first stone:

New York has taken to Chick-fil-A. One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city. And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company's charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage. “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation,” he once said, “when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ ” The company has since reaffirmed its intention to “treat every person with honor, dignity and respect,” but it has quietly continued to donate to anti-L.G.B.T. groups.


The restaurant’s corporate purpose still begins with the words “to glorify God,” and that proselytism thrums below the surface of the Fulton Street restaurant, which has the ersatz homespun ambiance of a megachurch.

First, get a grip. Second, what’s creepy about Christianity? Granted, I’m not the best person to discuss faith; I haven’t been to church in over ten years, but this isn’t abnormal. There are a lot of Christians in America; they’re the majority. Faith is not a gift I was born with, but I at least can understand why people are religious. Chuck-fil-A’s belief in traditional marriage is not scary. It’s not even controversial. It may be in the hyper-left wing bubbles of progressive America. Who cares of they give to groups that support such a philosophy? Don’t eat there, then. Not everyone needs to break to the will of the progressive mob, though they do their best to mold everyone like them, like the Pod People in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Yet, a good op-ed in Bloomberg noted how the Left’s war on Chick-fil-a could produce serious blowback. Frankly, because the Left seems to forget that America, despite the political leanings of its largest news networks, is a religious country. We’re one of the most religious if not the most religious in the industrialized world. In all, these anti-Christian screeds expose the appalling narrow mindedness of progressivism, an attack that pretty much hits everyone in their coalition, but black Americans in particular:

Religious bigotry is always dangerous. But there’s a deeper problem here, a difficulty endemic to today’s secular left: an all-too-frequent weird refusal to acknowledge the demographics of Christianity. When you mock Christians, you’re not mocking who you think you are.

A 2015 Pew Research Center study of race and ethnicity among U.S. religions provides some basic facts. In the first place, if you’re mocking Christians, you’re mostly mocking women, because women are more likely than men to be Christians. The greatest disproportion is found among black Christians, of whom only 41 percent are male. So you’re mocking black women in particular.

Overall, people of color are more likely than whites to be Christians -- and pretty devout Christians at that. Some 83 percent of all black Americans are absolutely certain that God exists. No other group comes close to this figure. Black Christians are far more likely than white Christians (84 percent to 64 percent) to describe religion as very important in their lives. Of all ethnic groups, black Christians are the most likely to attend services, pray frequently and read the Bible regularly. They are also -- here’s the kicker -- most likely to believe that their faith is the place to look for answers to questions about right and wrong. And they are, by large margins, the most likely to believe that the Bible is the literally inerrant word of God. In short, if you find Christian traditionalism creepy, it’s black people you’re talking about.

It’s true that, politically, black Americans are overwhelmingly Democrats, and that’s true of black Christians as well. On the other hand, black Christians tend to be socially conservative: the least tolerant of homosexuality, the most likely to oppose same-sex marriage and the least likely to believe in evolution. If you’re maligning traditional Christianity, the people you’re maligning are disproportionately black.

So, remember liberals, when you bash Christians and businesses that have a deep connection to faith, like Chick-fil-a, you’re throwing mud at black people. This is why Trump won. The Left has become the busy body police. The morality police—not in the sense of policing bedroom, but some more sinister: judging and executing others with whom they disagree with on life choices. Grilling hamburgers might be a triggering event for a progressive, who is trying to fight the phantom threat of global warming. Liberals think their worldview is righteous, moral, and beyond reproach when in reality, everyone views them as insufferable, detached, condescending, and folks who bring about bouts of nausea. Maybe we just want to watch the baseball game, have a burger, drink some beers and have a good time. Progressives think it’s time to lecture us about racism apparently. Just shut the f**k up. Actually, no—this is how we got Trump, so keep on going. And let’s be honest, progressives—you can’t help yourselves. We’ll just stand here watching your antics, which while annoying at times, is top-notch entertainment. 

Also, it is well that people don't care about the Left's whining about Chick-fil-a.